What were you doing when they were on campus?

I’ve seen a lot of alumni fundraising software companies touting that their software will help schools “build relationships” with alumni.  When I read this I ask myself, what was going on when the student was on campus?  That’s when the relationship building should have happened.  It was also the time when the school could actually charge the student for their services.

Alumni fundraising software may help you get reacquainted with an alumnus but the strength or weakness of the relationship was pretty much set in stone during the college days.  And the strength of the relationship is dependent on the connections that were made with other students.  Great professors and nice campuses are great but all of the value I derive today from my college life comes from the interpersonal relationships that were made way back when.  Some of the relationships continued after graduation but many did not.

So I think that alumni development software shouldn’t focus on building relationships.  It’s too late for that.  But instead, it should focus on strengthening ones that existed.  The best way that a college can continue to gain influence in the lives of their alumni through software is by using it as a vehicle to reconnect alumni to each other.


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