5 Tips To Engage Supporters For a Successful Fundraising Campaign

There are common best practices to ensure you host a successful fundraising campaign for many campaign types. Success is dependent on how well you get your supporters to take notice and contribute to your cause.

Use the five tips below to ensure your next peer to peer fundraising campaign engages your supporters, creates new supporters and helps you achieve your fundraising goals.

1. Soft Launch Your Campaign

Initially launch your campaign to a smaller group of dedicated supporters. This provides a few benefits:

  • Supporters help build campaign momentum before the campaign’s official launch.
  • Potential supporters are more likely to donate to your campaign when some money is raised.
  • You can work out any bugs or errors, like typos or broken links, before you send it to everyone.

Engage your supporters and ask for their feedback. Ask questions, such as:

  • Are the images and videos compelling?
  • Is the message and ask clear?
  • Is anything missing?

Don’t forget to ask your supporters to start a personal fundraising page and start reaching out to friends and family for donations.

2. Keep Your Brand Front and Center

Branding matters! At the very least it confirms that your fundraising campaign is, in fact, yours. Don’t underestimate that potential donors can be confused if your logo and colors are not similar to your main website. Consistency builds trust, which leads to support!

3. Communicate, Educate & Inspire

Build a communication plan to engage fundraisers. Be disciplined and provide resources to help them fundraise. Provide a toolkit, anecdotes, and personal stories so fundraisers can visualize their success. Ensure messaging is a blend of information, motivation, and gratitude. This will lead to inspiration.

4. Create a Campaign Video

Quite simply, we are visual creatures first and foremost. A video is a must to maximize your chance at achieving your campaign’s goals. Set a goal of making 3 videos:

  • Overall
  • Hero
  • Fundraiser Story

5. Gratitude Is Key

A successful fundraising campaign celebrate success at the beginning, along the way, and at the end. Gratitude is easy to give and jet fuel for creating motivation and inspiration with your supporters. Reward achievements and ideas of all sizes and shapes. Be inclusive and celebrate the journey in addition to the destination.

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