Tips for a Better Walk / Run Fundraising Event

Summer is officially here and for many organizations, that means it is finally fundraising season. So many of our clients rely on a major annual fundraising walk or run to raise money for their vital programs. Since we have been a part of so many successful campaigns we are often asked about the keys to a successful walk or run fundraising event.  

Here are the top 5 success factors that we’ve seen over that past 10 years.

Emphasize Fundraising and Minimize Registration Fees

Create a fundraising culture in the event. Many organizations are content to simply charge a registration fee and recoup their costs and possibly make a little more. If your organization is only interested in making a few dollars off the weekend warriors looking for local 5k runs, you may wish to charge a fee.

However, organizations that charge little to nothing to attend an event and instead require that the attendee raise money for the organization tend to do so much better. Your event will have increased attendance and much higher revenue for the event.

Make team fundraising easy and fun!

Events that allow and provide incentives for team fundraising raise the most money.  Team members encourage each other, motivate each other, and hold themselves accountable.

Communication + Encourage = Fundraising  

Update your membership in the weeks and months leading up to the event.  Let them know how much has been raised so far and how much is left to go.  Recognize the top fundraising teams and individuals. Remind everyone about why it is important to raise money and who will benefit from their efforts.

Have goals and display your progress

The goal can be dollars, or number of donors, or attendees, etc… Also remember that its just as important for your event attendees to have their own goals.  Your fundraising website should require that event registrants set a goal and the system should remind them of their progress throughout the process.

Have a deadline

Open ended fundraising campaigns are much less likely to hit fundraising goals than campaigns with distinct fundraising deadlines. Like any project, most people need to know when they have to be done.

Good luck and here is to your successful walk/run fundraising event!

2 thoughts on “Tips for a Better Walk / Run Fundraising Event”

  1. A walk/run event is a great way to raise awareness as well as funds. But organizing one isn’t easy to pull off. So take a look at the tips above to get your campaign off to a great start. You’ll definitely make a big impact on your cause.
    Strategic Fundraising

  2. I agree Strategic Fundraising. For those averse to planning an event like this – try to piggy back on an existing local 5K or 10K walk or run. This takes the event planning out of the equation.


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