Third Party Fundraising An Opportunity For Growth

I met with 3 event planners from 3 different nonprofits earlier today to discuss how they could increase their third-party fundraising.  I have to say that I was pretty amazed by how third-party fundraisers are viewed by these particular event planners.  Fear is the best way to describe their feelings – fear of a bad event, fear of misrepresenting the organization, fear of outrageous expenses.


To an extent, the fears are warranted.  I’ve heard the horror stories.

  • Third Party Fundraisers not turning in money from their event
  • Third Party Fundraisers giving you all the money that they raised plus a bill for expenses that amount to 80% of what they raised.
  • Third Party Fundraisers constantly calling for materials.
  • Third Party Fundraisers getting upset if they feel like they are not being attended to


But it really doesn’t have to be this way with third-party fundraising.

  • Provide your fundraisers with the ability to solicit donations online.  Not all of their donors will contribute this way, but at least you can ensure that you are getting some of the money.
  • Require that all third-party fundraisers sign an agreement stating, at the very least, that they will give you all of the money, they will keep their expenses below 30% of gross revenue, and that you can’t promise that someone from your staff will attend.
  • Create a set of template documents that you can provide to them easily, or better yet, that they can download.
  • Create simple ways, especially online, that third-party fundraisers can connect with each other to share ideas.
  • Treat them well.  Remember, someone who is not wealthy can raise as much money for you as someone who is wealthy can donate.  Treat third party fundraisers like major donors because they have the same impact on your bottom line.  Plus there are SO many more people that are able to raise large sums than give large sums.

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