St. Charles School Doubles Fundraising Goal

With Help from SWEET! by Blue Sky

Blue Sky Collaborative’s Online Peer to Peer Fundraising Platform Enabled School to Build a Customized Fundraising Website with Personalized Web Pages for Student Fundraisers

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.  ̶  February 24, 2021  ̶  Blue Sky Collaborative, a leading provider of online peer to peer fundraising software platforms, today announced that the St. Charles School in San Carlos, CA raised $200,000 from its Annual Walk-a-Thon in December 2020, more than doubling its fundraising goal with the help of Sweet! by Blue Sky.

“We are amazed we accomplished this feat given the economy is down during the pandemic,” said Megan Armando, principal at St. Charles School. “We applaud our students’ fundraising efforts and the hard work of our all-volunteer team, but we also thank Blue Sky for providing us with an easy-to-use fundraising platform that students and parents can learn and get up-to-speed on very quickly.”

SWEET! by Blue Sky makes event peer to peer fundraising effortless. SWEET! enabled St. Charles School to have a customized and branded fundraising website with the ability to create a personalized Walk-a-Thon page for each student participating in the fundraiser. 

“Both our SWEET! and Blue Sky GIVE! platforms offer educational non-profits such as schools, booster clubs and PTAs of all shapes and sizes the tools to develop a polished and professional-looking online presence for conducting their fundraising campaigns,” said Syam Buradagunta, president at Blue Sky Collaborative. “Staff and even volunteers will find that our platforms make managing fundraising campaigns so easy to do, giving schools and other school-based charities the opportunity to be competitive in the fundraising world.” 

“Having an appealing fundraising website helps us to attract donors and inspire their generosity,” said Armando. “Our 2020 fundraising goal was $90,000 and we raised over $200,000. Our success despite the economic circumstances posed by the pandemic is attributed a great deal to using Sweet! By Blue Sky.”

St. Charles School’s Annual Walk-a-Thon is a treasured fundraising event where all students in grades K-8 walk the perimeter of the school’s upper and lower yards as many times as they can in 30 minutes. The event is typically an opportunity for students and their parents to participate in a fundraising effort for the school’s programs as well as get some outdoor exercise. Students are encouraged to dress up in fun and festive attire and invited to run or dance as well as walk while accompanied by upbeat music. Despite the pandemic, the students still did their Walk-a-Thon in 2020, but with social distancing, mask wearing and scheduling each grade to walk at separate times. Parents could not participate but could watch the walk via live stream from remote locations.

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