Social Media and Nonprofits

Word of Mouth Trumps Facebook for Driving Attendance at Fundraisers

To increase attendance at your nonprofits’ events, rely more heavily on word of mouth over Social Media sharing. Everyone kind of knows this already, but sometimes it’s good to see the numbers. Blue Sky Collaborative manages the online registration for the Cancer Support Community’s Annual Red Ball (  Online registrants are required to enter their … Read more

GM Nixes Facebook Ads Budget, Nonprofits Should Follow Suit

From an article on MSNBC: “In mid-May, just ahead of Facebook’s IPO, GM’s marketing executives said they would pull $10 million in advertising from the social network after judging the efforts had “little impact” in reaching consumers. GM, the third largest advertiser in the United States, also said it will continue to use the Facebook … Read more

Slideshare Platform Underused By Nonprofits for SEO

SlideShare has been around for a while.  Basically, it’s a “youtube for powerpoint presentations.” Recently SlideShare announced pricing for its premium offerings. The basic account is free and has powerful SEO (search engine optimization benefits. Most orgs have a stash of presentations languishing on their employee’s hard drives.  If you take these powerpoints … Read more

4 Tips for Producing Quality (Fundraising) Web Videos

4 Tips for Producing Quality Web Videos. In my last post, I shared a story about how a nonprofit is using video to drastically improve its fundraising results.  Here’s a follow-up post that explains how to go about producing the videos that will give your organization an edge. OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES SWEET! software promotes our client’s … Read more

5 Small Business Social Media Success Stories For Nonprofits

5 Small Business Social Media Success Stories. As nonprofits scramble to leverage social media, they may find these small business success stories useful.  Converting social media into donations is a challenge.  Take a look at how these small businesses converted their social media activity into real revenue. OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES SWEET! software promotes our client’s brand … Read more

Shifting Platforms: What Mobile Can Do for Entrepreneurs

Shifting Platforms: What Mobile Can Do for Entrepreneurs – ReadWriteStart#comment-207892#comment-207892. This could be entitled, what Mobile Can Do for Nonprofits. If any of the following items are long-term objectives for your organization, consider mobile platforms as a viable way to meet your goals. 1.  lure more and better sponsorships 2.  find new revenue streams 3.  get … Read more

2 Things Nonprofits Can Learn from American Idol Gives Back

1.  Team and Pledge Fundraising is the most effective way to raise money online.  Period.  It’s not a facebook cause. It’s not an iPhone app. 2.  Be confident that around 10% of your donation is going to a software company called Blackbaud.  Blackbaud purchased their pledge fundraising platform from a failed company called Kintera in a fire sale a few … Read more

“The Social Media Bubble” – and nonprofits

The Social Media Bubble is a thought provoking article on Umair Haque’s blog on Harvard Business Review.  In it, Haque suggests that the ephemeral connections that masquerade as “true relationships” on social media will prevent the Internet from acheiving its true promise. Haque goes on to suggest that the collective time that people spend creating “visceral attention grabs” on facebook could be … Read more

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Are Tools For Diplomacy

Social media (facebook/twitter/youtube) is a perfect fit for the social sector. Nonprofits and other organizations who work towards the greater good can leverage these “free” tools. Of course, it takes time and resources to come up with an effective strategy but at least the technology is within reach. hey, if Ashton Kutcher can do it … Read more

Data on the Impact of Facebook Sharing on Pledge Fundraising

There is a great deal of discussion on how nonprofits can utilize Facebook and other social networks to bolster their fundraising efforts.  Much of what I’ve read has been speculation.  Anything more substantive has concluded that Facebook has relatively little impact on fundraising. I have some more positive news to share.  Sharing personal fundraising pages seems to positively … Read more