School Annual Campaign Fundraising Made Easy

Did you know about our school annual campaign fundraising software? It’s our newest peer to peer fundraising platform offering specifically to support schools.

Whether you are a private or public school, our school annual fundraising software can help you with easily and efficiently conducting your annual campaigns, working with your fundraisers and donors, and managing donations. We provide you with a fundraising site that is customized and constructed your way to achieve your annual campaign goals.

Several schools across the country have been using our peer to peer fundraising platforms and all report great success as a result.

Schools have the option of having us develop their customized fundraising site through our Sweet! platform or creating their fundraising site themselves with our Blue Sky Give platform. With Blue Sky Give, there are no upfront costs, so there is no risk. You’re essentially getting free peer to peer fundraising software. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to set up your site.

Fundraising software can be really simple, easy to learn and use, and it can save you time, and with Blue Sky, it can also be priced to fit.  Let us know how we can help you get to Simple. Easy. Yes!