Puppy Power: Peer to Peer Fundraising Is Better With Puppies

Marketers have long used puppies in ad campaigns even if dogs have absolutely nothing to do with the brand. Recent data from Adobe Stock reveals that adorable puppy photos are some of the most downloaded images by marketers. There is a lot of science behind the power of cuteness and emotion in marketing.

Puppies can also help your Peer to Peer Fundraising. The same qualities that make puppies perfect for marketing can be leveraged in your peer to peer fundraising campaign, even if your event and cause has absolutely unrelated to animals.

Ways to incorporate puppies into your Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaign

  1. Allow your peer to peer fundraisers to simultaneously create a page for their dog when they register for the event and create.
  2. Create a puppy leaderboard showing the top puppy fundraising pages.
  3. Encourage pictures and sharing on the puppy pages.

Remember, your event may have nothing to do with puppies but you can still find ways to boost your fundraising while gaining a little more loyalty from your fundraisers who are dog owners.  Peer to Peer Fundraising is better with puppies.  What isn’t?