Peer to Peer Fundraising

Inflation Impact on Charitable Giving: Unveiling the Challenges

Inflation is a complex economic phenomenon that can impact various aspects of our lives, including charitable giving. As the cost of goods and services rises, individuals’ disposable income can diminish, leading to reduced donations or more selective giving. In fact, according to Axios, charitable giving fell by 3.4% last year to $499.3 billion — a … Read more

Reasons Why Switching Your Fundraising Platform Is Worth It

5 Reasons to Change Your Fundraising Platform

Many nonprofits already have a peer to peer fundraising platform. Typically, the peer to peer system is a part of a more extensive, integrated donor management system. The primary benefit of an integrated approach is data management. But many integrated peer to peer systems fall short, leaving the charity from truly realizing the potential of their … Read more

First Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaign - Off the Shelf vs. Custom Software?

Off the Shelf or Custom Peer to Peer Fundraising Software?

If your organization is dipping its toe into peer to peer fundraising for the first time, great! Peer to peer fundraising has become an invaluable part of most fundraising portfolios because it requires less money and resources. One thing you need to decide is what type of software to choose to run your campaign – an off … Read more

School Annual Campaign Fundraising Made Easy

School Annual Campaign Fundraising Made Easy

Did you know about our school annual campaign fundraising software? It’s our newest peer to peer fundraising platform offering specifically to support schools. Whether you are a private or public school, our school annual fundraising software can help you with easily and efficiently conducting your annual campaigns, working with your fundraisers and donors, and managing … Read more

Top 5 Success Tips For Your Fundraising Event

Tips For Planning a Successful Fundraising Event

It’s prime time for event peer to peer fundraising season. The spring through fall timeframe is a great opportunity for organizations of all sizes to achieve their fundraising goals through well-organized events. Many of our clients rely on a fundraising walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon or jog-a-thon fundraising events.  Our clients often ask us about the keys to … Read more

School Pledge Per Lap Fundraising Software Features

School Pledge Per Lap Fundraising: Software Features You Need

What Makes School Pledge Per Lap Fundraising So Effective? A school pledge per lap event: The Right School Pledge Per Lap Fundraising Software Makes Success Easier The effectiveness of pledge per lap fundraisers is not a secret. That is why so many schools create their own. But if you want families, kids, staff, and sponsors to be enthusiastic, then you … Read more

Nonprofit Collaboration - Step Up. Team Up with Small Businesses

Nonprofit Collaboration – Step Up. Team Up.

Partnerships between non-governmental organizations and companies is not a new concept. From the NFL and the Komen Foundation to local PTA’s encouraging parents to eat at local restaurants to support school supplies, these partnerships have helped meet community needs beyond what the government can provide. It’s been my experience that national and regional partnerships require … Read more

Fundraising Letter Checklist to Increase Donations

Fundraising Letter Checklist to Increase Donations

Many people kick off their 3rd party fundraising activities by organizing a letter writing campaign. Even though email is more convenient, a personalized letter can get more attention in this time of digital overwhelm. Most people are surprised at how much awareness and money fundraising letter campaigns can raise. The checklist below is designed to … Read more

Alternatives to Kintera

Virtual Fundraising Events – Raise Money Six Feet Apart

Peer-to-peer fundraising six feet apart can breed innovation!  With so many peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns out there, nonprofits must create campaigns and experiences that stand out from the crowd. Why not use the current public health crisis to do just that? Create new VIRTUAL peer-to-peer fundraising events Make a list of all the things your community … Read more

Cupid's Undie Fun Run Fundraiser

Easy To Use Online Software For Your Fun Run Fundraiser

Are you planning your organization’s next fun run fundraiser? Small and medium-size organizations face even greater challenges than their larger colleagues. Tighter budgets and less staff and limited time. What is a fun run fundraiser? A fun run fundraiser is a friendly race that involves either road running or cross country running with participants taking part for … Read more