Peer to Peer Fundraising Software Checklist for your School or Organization

Your peer to peer fundraising campaign or event needs the right software to attract supporters. We’ve compiled a checklist for you to use when evaluating peer to peer fundraising software platforms. Why? First, the fundraising software needs to effectively assist each group within your fundraising circle. Each group needs different features to maximize their enthusiasm and success.  As a result, how you choose your fundraising software platform either maximizes or minimizes how well each group succeeds. 

More importantly, a major consideration in choosing a software fundraising platform is whether your nonprofit or school is getting the right combination of value and quality for the money you invest. So at a minimum, an ideal peer to peer fundraising platform will do the following:

Participant & Donor Features

  • Allows supporters to easily create, share, and manage a personal or team fundraising page.
  • Contains built-in email and social media tools to allow staff to get the word out easily.
  • Offers sample email templates and social media posts to simplify communications.
  • Enables mobile responsiveness to allow reading, registration and donations via a smart device.

Organization Features

  • Enables you to match the branding and design to your website in order to maintain consistency in the look and feel of your communications.
  • Creates a unique URL to easily promote your campaign or event.
  • Displays high quality images or videos to promote your campaign or event.
  • Ensures sponsor logos and details are well displayed and easy to read.
  • Provides editable email templates and social media posts that are available to staff.
  • Allows editing of content posted by participants.
  • Offers easy to understand and downloadable data and metrics.
  • Provides event day onsite donation transactions in order to increase donations.


  • Allows you to lower your software expense ratio over time.
  • Offers a flexible payment plan that is budget and fundraising income friendly.
  • Does not charge you percentage fees on the fundraising dollars you raise.


  • Allows you to select your desired payment gateway.
  • Offers ability to integrate with your donor management system.

Use this checklist to help you choose the best peer to peer fundraising software for your campaign or event. Since the software you choose will highly influence the success of each group in your fundraising circle, ensure you select the best combination of quality and value for the money you invest.

At Blue Sky Collaborative, our goal is to help you maximize the benefits of online peer to peer fundraising to help you achieve your mission. To learn more about our Sweet! and Blue Sky Give! platforms and how we can help, visit our website or call us at  (800) 330-4109, ext. 803.