PaymentSpring Payment Gateway and Blue Sky Partner

Blue Sky Collaborative is proud to announce a new partnership with PaymentSpring payment gateway. PaymentSpring provides online mobile payments gateways and merchant accounts. Their powerful payment processing gateway supports software platforms, businesses, and nonprofits who want a solution as simple as it is secure.

Our Sweet! by Blue Sky peer to peer fundraising platform integrates with PaymentSpring in multiple ways to support client’s needs. Contact Blue Sky Collaborative to learn more about how PaymentSpring and Sweet! by Blue Sky work together to help non-profits meet and exceed their fundraising goals.

About Blue Sky Collaborative

Blue Sky Collaborative was founded in 2002 on the belief that peer to peer fundraising is the best way to empower communities to drive impact and make unprecedented change. Several hundred organizations, charities, non-profits, and schools in multiple languages use Blue Sky Collaborative’s fundraising software, which supports events and campaigns of all types and helps to raise millions of dollars every year.

Blue Sky Collaborative offers clients easy-to-use peer to peer fundraising sites that are designed and branded their way and grow their fundraising while keeping costs low and transparent. The Sweet! and Blue Sky Give platforms exist as a direct result of user input and experience and the company’s commitment to collaborate with clients on a software system that puts them first. From donors, executive staff and volunteers to teachers, sponsors and committee members, fundraising success is a team sport on which Blue Sky serves as a valuable partner.

Blue Sky Collaborative has offices in metrowest Boston, Massachusetts, and Annapolis, Maryland. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your fundraising efforts.