Online Giving Study Confirms The Obvious, But It’s Still Interesting

Future is bright for online peer to peer fundraising campaigns. Here are some of the key findings in the study:

1.  Online fundraising continues to grow robustly

2.  Online represents a strong donor acquisition channel

3.  Online giving continues to grow fastest for small organizations

Some other info can be found at the link below.

The data that Convio collected merely confirms what anyone in the nonprofit sector already knew.  I realize that these types of “studies” are just PR tools for marketing departments but it’s still nice to see confirmation that the work being done online by nonprofits is working.


Like in other sectors of the economy, there is continued acceptance of the online medium as a way to do business.  Frankly, what took so long?  However, the data suggesting that online channels are great for donor acquisition is quite interesting.

I suspect that most of the new donors are coming to an organization via online peer to peer fundraising campaigns.  You know the type – where someone with an online fundraising page solicits donations for the nonprofit.  Most of these donors will be new donors since they are giving primarily to their friend, family, and colleague and not necessarily to the organization.  Peer to peer campaigns are the best way to increase online donations and acquire new donors.  What would be great to know is how many of these new donors actually participate in other future campaigns and how often.  Understanding how to convert the relationship that new donors have with the fundraiser they are supporting into a relationship between the donor and actual organization is vital for growth.


Finally, the most uplifting bit of data is that online revenue grew faster in small organizations than it did in large ones.  This confirms our initial belief that fundraising online, especially in a peer to peer campaign, democratizes philanthropy and gives any organization that is willing to work and use the right tools the ability to compete against much larger, better funded groups.

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