Peer to Peer Fundraising Software: Now Is The Time To Invest

In a hyperbolic world, math is your best friend in determining the future of your event fundraising strategy. This is especially true in the area of whether to continue your event offline, with a generic platform or invest in peer to peer fundraising software. The math shows both older donors are giving more online and the millennial’s donation efforts continue to grow. Working with this trend versus against it will reap greater rewards for your organization or school’s fundraising efforts.

The online giving opportunity grows year after year. Online transactions are the norm not a once in a while activity. This is important because donor’s giving experience needs to first exist and secondly be smooth. To maximize the advantage of this trend in online giving and minimize the effort to run a successful campaign, look for a flexible, versatile online fundraising solution.


Software flexibility and versatility help counter the conservative and slow pace of change common in non-profit organizations. To help you make a wise decision in your software selection focus the math and conversation on the most important things that will help the organization. Two areas that will benefit your organization are an increase in time for staff and donations.

It’s simple, online giving allows your fundraisers to reach more people and raise more money. To see what is possible look to your peers and the software supporting their peer to peer fundraising campaigns.  Review your current campaigns when reviewing your fundraising software options.  Consider if a new platform that specifically supports one of your existing campaigns. Apply your litmus test of needs that will increase staff time for other tasks and donations.


When evaluating peer to peer fundraising systems, it is important to remember, no system “does it all!”  Do what you can to prioritize where the majority of the time spent with the software seems to be frustrating.  Also, review what tools or features will empower your team’s effectiveness in building fundraiser relationships. Focus on offering a great user experience.

Some features or tools you should consider: branded donation pages, automated gratitude emails, content creation friendly screens, easy download reports, and configurable registration forms. Pursue the ‘right feature set’ for your organization.

The best part of online peer to peer fundraising software is it quickly pays for itself.  Unless your software fees are outrageous the costs to get your software up and running and overall can be very reasonable.


  • SWEET! software promotes our client’s brand and vision.
  • We craft to the needs of the client because you are unique.
  • Technology user-friendliness is essential to fundraising success.
  • We collaborate to foster an organization’s success.
  • We do not charge software fees on the donations you and your fundraisers raise.

Peer to Peer Fundraising software can be simple, it can be easy to use, and it can save you time. Most importantly SWEET! by Blue Sky can also be priced to fit.

Contact us to see how we can help you experience Simple. Easy. Yes!