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Hi Everyone, Fifteen years ago, Anna and I founded Blue Sky Collaborative.  As we reflect on everything we’re grateful for, there is nothing that comes to mind more than the chance we’ve had to work with our wonderful clients over the years.  Your vision and dedication help so many people, and hearing your ideas and needs is invaluable to us.

The first DIY/Peer to Peer fundraising platform we built in 2001 generated $6 million for ALS research thanks to a dedicated group of families.   Online peer to peer fundraising was new at the time; there was no name for it even.  We were blown away by the energy those supporters brought to championing their cause. We were determined to harness that same power to help other amazing nonprofits achieve their missions.

In 2001 the potential for Peer-to-Peer was already on display in our home state of Massachusetts.  Our friend Billy Starr (@starrpmc) at the Pan-Mass Challenge (@PanMass) had already proven the concept for over a decade.  Other friends like Rick Arrowood (@RickJArrowood) used Peer-to-Peer fundraising at the ALS Association MA (@alsama) to double fundraising.  And, of course, the Red Sox Foundation (@RedSoxFund) gave passionate Red Sox (@RedSox) fans Peer-to-Peer tools to raise money for a variety of causes in the early 2000’s.

All of this was happening at a time when we still had to explain what Peer-to-Peer fundraising was to charities across the country.  As residents of the Bay State, we were very fortunate to be in a place that many thought leaders in the nonprofit world called home.

What a difference 15 years makes! Peer-to-Peer is now essential to fundraising and responsible for billions of dollars in online transactions each year.  Your creativity, dedication, and vision drove so much of the Peer to Peer innovation over the years.  We can’t wait to see what you imagine and set to achieve over the next 15 years!

Thanks for all you do, and especially for allowing Anna and I to support you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact either of us for anything, at any time.  It’s always a pleasure.

Syam and Anna


  • SWEET! software promotes our client’s brand and vision.
  • We craft to the needs of the client, because you are unique.
  • We collaborate to foster an organization’s success.
  • Technology user friendliness is essential to fundraising success.
  • We do not charge transaction fees on the dollars you and your fundraisers earn.
  • We do not handle our clients’ money.

Blue Sky Collaborative is a peer to peer fundraising software developer and design services firm.  Our SWEET! online peer to peer fundraising platform is ideal for any company, non-profit or school, large or small, that holds participant or pledge events:  CSR, walk-a-thons, golf-a-thons, run-a-thons, any-a-thons.  The company was founded in 2002.  

At present thousands of people use Blue Sky Collaborative’s software to support events and campaigns of all types.  Several hundred companies, non-profits and schools, in multiple languages, use Blue Sky Collaborative’s peer to peer fundraising software to raise tens of millions of dollars.

To learn more about how we can help, visit our website or call us at (p) 800-330-4109 ext. 803.

Blue Sky Collaborative has offices in Boston, MA and Southwestern CT.  

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