Key Benefits of Fundraising Software for Organizations with Small Staff

Does your organization have an enormous need, a growing event, and a limited or fixed budget?  You are not alone. In fact, SWEET! by Blue Sky Collaborative was built to support those very realities.

Events and organizations of all shapes and sizes share many similarities, especially the need to have their fundraising and event software do work for them.  We know that resources can be slim so it is pivotal to utilize technology where staff and your own time may be limited.

Below we highlight some of the major opportunities SWEET! by Blue Sky software will support.

Ease of Use

There are many many software options out there, they tend to be complicated and arduous to use.  The majority of platforms lack usability and simplicity to support staff or volunteers without lengthy and confusing training.  SWEET! by Blue Sky was built to be useful from the first mouse click.  It’s intuitive. It’s clean tools and easily adjusted areas support your team and volunteers.  


Blue Sky Collaborative knows how important the registration process is for your families.  Why your organization may not “require” an email address for the kids.  Why it is nice to allow ‘mom’ to register the whole family.


Time is a luxury and in short supply.  SWEET! by Blue Sky algorithms identify past fundraising MVPs and possible future MVPs.  Allowing you to identify which 10 instead of which 100 you should be making phone calls and sending personal emails.  Software does the research for you.


Pricing should fit the organization.  You’re unique and may have interests and constraints unlike other organizations.  Let’s work together and find a system that works.

For more than 15 years Blue Sky Collaborative has been building fundraising software with organizations.  We look forward to empowering your team, big, small, and growing!  Learn more about how we can work together.