JRunners Raise Over $90000 in the 5K Run for Our Place

It’s always nice to spotlight our clients who make the most of their event with the SWEET! peer to peer fundraising software for A-thons.

JRunners (http://www.jrunners.org/) did just that in a recent 5K Race where they raised over $90,000 for Our Place. The original fundraising goal was $75,000.  The keys to the success of this campaign?

  1. A Compelling Cause that is apparent immediately on the home page of the site and I’m sure through other materials and communications.
  2. Committed runners who agreed to raise a minimum fundraising amount.  Runners who didn’t reach their commitment were billed for the remaining amount.  This is something many organizations are afraid to do to their own peril.
  3. Aggressive management of the race with constant follow-up and feedback with runners, vendors, and sponsors.
  4. And, of course, the world’s best a-thon website.

To learn more about SWEET! peer to peer fundraising software please visit our website at www.blueskycollaborative.com.


  • SWEET! software promotes our client’s brand and vision.
  • We craft to the needs of the client because you are unique.
  • Technology user-friendliness is essential to fundraising success.
  • We collaborate to foster an organization’s success.
  • We do not charge software fees on the donations you and your fundraisers raise.

Peer to Peer Fundraising software can be simple, it can be easy to use, and it can save you time. Most importantly SWEET! by Blue Sky can also be priced to fit.

Let us know how we can help you experience Simple. Easy. Yes!


Blue Sky Collaborative’s software supports events and campaigns of all types.  Several hundred companies, non-profits, and schools, in multiple languages, use Blue Sky Collaborative’s Fundraising Software to raise millions of dollars every year.  The company was founded in 2002.  

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