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Alternative to Booster-Thon for Jog-a-thon Fundraising

ACHIEVE YOUR FUNDRAISING GOALS AND KEEP MORE GIFTS My father warned me about being pennywise and pound foolish.  Yes, an old cliche but one that is fitting to making a decision about fundraising software for your school jogathon. There are plenty of software options to choose from to support your jogathon. Most take huge fees … Read more

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Online Fundraising Software For Your School’s Jog-a-thon & Walk-a-thon

Are you planning your school’s next jog-a-thon or walk-a-thon? Small and medium-size schools face even greater challenges than their larger colleagues.  Tighter budgets, less staff, yet very important missions and disappearing time. Every minute saved for your (or unfortunately wasted) jog-a-thon or walk-a-thon becomes even more valuable to each team member or volunteer. Blue Sky’s … Read more

SWEET - Blue Sky Collaborative - School Fundraising Events

School Jog-a-thon Fundraising Software Features

What Makes School Jog-a-thon Fundraising So Great? Jog-a-thons can help your school raise funds. Well planned and organized jog-a-thons: Are great fundraising events for a school because most kids & staff can participate. Are simple to organize and promote. Create fun competition and create great camaraderie. Are creative (COSTUMES!) and a fun way for kids/staff to … Read more