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As we are fond of pointing out, our SWEET platform will give you everything you need for your walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, bird-a-thon, and any other peer-to-peer fundraising campaign you can think of. But we do get asked often about our ability to integrate with WordPress (or Typepad or other web content management sites.) It’s something we have have done multiple times and in multiple ways.

In many cases our clients already have their own existing websites, whether built in WordPress or in-house or using another template website tool. These are typically what we call “brochure” sites: they tell you all about the organization, but their tools are limited to show-and-tell and don’t have built in components for the all-important donation, event registration, and peer-to-peer fundraising tools. Instead of coming asking us to recreate their entire website, we build an accompanying SWEET platform for them that contains the tools they need.

Just because you have two separate platforms serving up your website doesn’t mean they can’t communicate with each other! This is where our flexibility comes into play. We have found several ways to integrate organizations’ WordPress and SWEET sites together and maintain cohesion between the two.

In today’s post we’ll talk about how to bring content from your SWEET site into your WordPress site. Stay tuned for posts about incorporating content from your WordPress site into your SWEET site, and how to make the two sites operate seamlessly together.


Add some SWEET to your WordPress

One of the most valuable aspects of peer-to-peer site is showcasing your the amazing fundraising your supporters are doing. Not only does it show gratitude toward their efforts, it also energizes them to raise more! Showing how much has been raised and displaying leaderboards on your main website is a great way to generate more activity. We make this easy by enabling you to bring information directly into your WordPress site so you can display it anywhere using JSON feeds and API end points, as well as iFrames.

Lets take Cupid’s Charity as an example: They used WordPress to create a brochure site that tells you all about their cause, the amazing work they do, and everything you need to know about the Cupid’s Undie Run and other fundraising initiatives. Their SWEET site provides the event registration, online fundraising, participant management, participant-sent emailing tools, and more.

When they wanted to bring real-time leaderboards and fundraising progress into their WordPress site, we worked together with them to create a customized API end point that brings that data over to their site to be used anywhere they want. For example, here is a link to their Washington DC Cupid’s Undie Run landing page: . When you scroll through, you’ll see the location date and registration price, the leaderboards including (including profile pictures and fundraising totals), come from SWEET in real-time. This enables them to showcase the hard work their participants are doing, and gives them some friendly competition to spur them to raise more!


Sidebar: Why not a native WordPress plugin?

Sometimes we are asked if we have a plug-in that is built into the WordPress framework. It’s a great question, and is certainly something we might think about doing if we see there is demand for it. So far, however, our experience has been that our clients would rather have something custom built to meet their specific needs. We work with each of them to create tailored end points so that they can pull exactly what they want into their website. This way they are not constrained by the rule limits of using an existing plug-ins and can get exactly what they want.

Coming up next in this series: how to bring content from WordPress (or any other template site engine) into your SWEET site!



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