A time tested study by AFP reinforces a simple truth. With Peer to Peer Fundraising personal networks creates greater giving. A person asking their peer for a donation drives greater gift giving (# of) then direct communication from an organization to a donor.

A peer gaining more gifts on average per ask than an organization makes sense. Getting a postcard or email or letter from an organization is nice.  It’s more engaging when your co-worker or family member asks you to donate. Organizations need to continue to use this fact to grow their online giving.

As important organizations need to celebrate their fundraisers more consistently. The goal of celebrating fundraisers consistently needs to be your cultural norm.


To make your gratitude plan simple and achievable do the pre-work. Map out a 4-6 week communication calendar. Enroll your staff and super enthusiasts (best fundraisers) to help craft ideas on how to show gratitude.

You can never say ‘thanks’ enough. Air on the side of overcommunicating your appreciation. Have fun with it and good luck!

Blue Sky Collaborative is here to help. Let us know how we can help you experience Simple. Easy. Yes!


  • SWEET! software promotes our client’s brand and vision.
  • We craft to the needs of the client because you are unique.
  • Technology user-friendliness is essential to fundraising success.
  • We collaborate to foster an organization’s success.
  • We do not charge software fees on the donations you and your fundraisers raise.

Blue Sky Collaborative’s software supports events and campaigns of all types. The company was founded in 2002.  

To learn more about how we can help, visit our website www.blueskycollaborative.com or call us at (p) 800-330-4109, ext. 803.

Blue Sky Collaborative has offices in Boston, MA and Southwestern CT.

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