How Your Spring Fundraising Event Can Raise More

This spring, most event based fundraising will be driven by the Top 1% of fundraisers. Most staff within the organization know who these top performers are and it is because that small group can produce up to 30% of total funds raised.

What is even more remarkable, if those Top 1% get better tools and quality attention they can produce even more.  The challenge, you’re maxed out as it is! How can you possibly spend more time ?

Try to step back to focus on helping those who are helping you.

Make Bigger Asks

The Top 1% are the most connected and often the most driven to reach out to their own networks, tell their story, and make bigger asks.  

Those top fundraisers are also strapped for time so providing them tools that are easy to use and useful for them can improve their results by 100% or more.

Fundraising Event Features

Also, the beauty of focusing on the Top 1% is that is does not come at the sacrifice of the 99%.  Tools like Blue Sky’s MVP Alert System, Responsive Email and Texting are useful to all participants.   

It means more quality time can be focused on calls or cards or providing useful information to those hard charging leaders.  It also means better tools for the entire event.

Your time is limited but empowering those who are ready to fundraise and active volunteers, multiplies that time and impact exponentially.

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