Top 10 Reasons A Hoopathon Is A Great Fundraising Event For Your School

Oh what fun it is to see a gym full of kids with their energy, enthusiasm and laughter.  What makes the moment that much more memorable is when the kids are participating in an event to support their school and classmates. That is why we believe a hoopathon fundraising event puts the fun in fundraising for school staff, parents, teachers and children.

A hoopathon is a very simple, friendly and repeatable fundraising idea for a nonprofit or school.  It is also a big dollar opportunity for raising funds. Hoopathons create a memorable event for your fundraisers (the kids), teachers, staff and parents.  It becomes an event they look forward to participating in year after year.  Imagine smiles, laughs, costumes and camaraderie among a sea of basketballs.


Below are some reasons why you should consider a hoopathon fundraising event for your nonprofit or school’s new primary or secondary fundraising campaign.

  1. A hoopathon is a fun activity for kids of all ages/abilities, especially younger kids.
  2. Since hoopathons can be indoors or out, weather is not a factor, which makes the hoopathon a perfect fundraising event any time of the year.
  3. The opportunity a hoopathon offers for kids to express their creative abilities is second to none.
  4. Hoopathons are social media friendly.  You can go LIVE on Facebook and show everyone how much fun everyone is having.
  5. Kids can compete in an event class versus class or compete grade versus grade.
  6. Hoopathons are easy to budget for since they don’t require a lot of special equipment.
  7. For schools, the gym is onsite and ready for your nonprofit or school to use.
  8. Supporters and teachers are less stressed than at outdoor events because there are fewer safety issues.
  9. Unlike walks, runs, or rides, there are no permits or licenses required.
  10. Hoopathons are family friendly;  you can easily include parents into the day.


With a hoopathon, kids will collect fixed or flat pledges per hoop scored.  The fundraising campaign finishes on a day of hoop shooting, fun and laughter.  Hoopathons can be truly unique.  Whether including t-shirt incentives, costumes or other fun ideas, you are only limited by your imagination.  Hoopathons are a fun and effective way to fundraise within a community.


The very best hoopathons combine fun, creativity, cause and community in their own way.  At Blue Sky Collaborative, we are fortunate to build  fundraising software for several hoopathons, including the West Hills Christian School Hoopathon run by staff and volunteers.  We helped the school move to online fundraising without sacrificing the logistics of their event.  To date, they have raised several hundred thousand dollars.

At Blue Sky Collaborative, our experience teaches us the nature of each fundraising event its rules, and the spirit that results from the efforts of volunteers, staff and participants.  Most importantly, we know that the most successful hoopathons are built around the preferences of a school’s community, not a software’s capabilities.  We believe software should flex and be adapted to people, so they can be creative, have fun and achieve their fundraising goals.  As a result, our mission is to deliver our peer to peer fundraising software to you crafted your way.

We welcome the opportunity to chat with you about your nonprofit or school’s needs and dreams for your fundraising events.

At Blue Sky Collaborative, our goal is to help you maximize the benefits of online peer-to-peer fundraising to achieve your mission. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your fundraising event.