Gratitude Is Everything In Peer to Peer Fundraising

A time tested study by AFP reinforces a simple truth. Peer to Peer Fundraising personal networks creates greater giving. A person asking their peer for a donation drives a greater number of gift giving than direct communication from an organization to a donor. Because of this, you should have a plan to show gratitude for your fundraising network.

A peer gaining more gifts on average per ask than an organization makes sense. Getting a postcard or email or letter from an organization is nice.  It’s more engaging when your co-worker or family member asks you to donate. Organizations need to continue to use this fact to grow their online giving.

Just as important is that organizations also need to more consistently celebrate their fundraisers. The goal of consistently showing your gratitude for your fundraisers, in addition to your donors, needs to be your cultural norm.


To make your gratitude plan simple and achievable. Map out a 4-6 week communication calendar including before, during and after the campaign. Enroll your staff and super enthusiasts (best fundraisers) to help craft ideas on how to show gratitude. Throughout the year, you should be communicating with your fundraisers to stay connected.

Before and during the event, you will be naturally communicating with your fundraisers because the event is imminent. Be kind and show support.

When your campaign is over, give everyone involved a few days (at the very least) of rest to feel good, celebrate success, smile and laugh.  Most importantly show gratitude to each other and everyone involved.  Be quick to connect with your participants, fundraisers, volunteers, donors and sponsors.

The following is a short list of ideas on how you can maintain and build a deeper connection with all your supporters using your peer-to-peer fundraising site. 


Use the E-mail Tool to show gratitude and get feedback.

  • A unique thank you message to each group of supporters that takes them to your site to share the details of your success
  • A thank you message to the sub group of individuals within each group that went the extra mile to support the campaign
  • An e-mail to each group asking for feedback on their experience with the campaign: two question max for each

Update your ‘Home’ page content with photos, videos and memories from the event.

  • A post event thank you from staff, event leaders and influencers:  include a video if possible
  • A post event recap- summary with 2-3 key metrics
  • Images from the event
  • Direct people to the ‘About the Event’ page where you celebrate select fundraisers campaign stories
  • Direct people to the ‘Sponsors’ page where you celebrate sponsors event day stories

Use the ‘About the Event’ page to recognize your top super enthusiasts.

  • Highlight a select group of fundraisers with commentary and pictures
  • A post event recap- detailed
  • Quotes from fundraisers, donors, volunteers
  • Highlight sponsors event day experience
  • Quotes from sponsors


Show gratitude with your site and communications tools

  • Highlight the efforts of the nonprofit’s staff
  • Highlight the efforts of everyday volunteers and fundraisers
  • Urge volunteers and fundraisers to recruit others for next year’s campaign
  • Highlight select donors
  • Highlight sponsors
  • Offer sponsors an incentive to recruit other sponsors for next year

This list is by no means is complete. Use it as a starter list to create and monitor your ongoing supporter gratitude plan.  Connecting with your supporters, whether a supper enthusiast or a general supporter, will secure your success in future years. You can never say ‘thanks’ enough. Air on the side of over-communicating your appreciation for their fundraising efforts. Have fun with it and good luck!

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