Peer to Peer Fundraising Software Features and Pricing

Fundraising Software FEATURES and PRICING

When evaluating peer to peer fundraising software features and pricing, it is important to remember, no software“does it all!”  We know this because of our years of experience working with small and medium-sized organizations.

As a result, the development of our peer to peer software, SWEET!, was created with feedback from thousands of clients.  Moreover, we’ve learned how critical staff-time and budgeting are for all sized non-profit organizations.

That being said, we created a peer to peer fundraising software system that can custom features built-in and that is priced to fit your budget.

Some of these features include

  • Automated gratitude emails
  • Content friendly screens
  • Easy download reports, and
  • Configurable registration forms

Some things to consider when looking into pricing

Bottom line, you want the peer to peer fundraising software that you choose to do as much work for you as possible so that you can meet your fundraising goals and provide an excellent event experience for your team, donors, and volunteers.


At Blue Sky Collaborative, we understand that many non-profits, big and small, face both budgeting and implementation challenges in the current environment.  We will work with you to innovate peer to peer fundraising solutions to set you up for success! SWEET! features and pricing packages are customized to suit your organization’s unique needs.  Contact us so that we can improve your virtual event experience and help you reach your fundraising goals!