Easy To Use Online Software For Your Fun Run Fundraiser

Are you planning your organization’s next fun run fundraiser? Small and medium-size organizations face even greater challenges than their larger colleagues. Tighter budgets and less staff and limited time.

What is a fun run fundraiser?

A fun run fundraiser is a friendly race that involves either road running or cross country running with participants taking part for their own enjoyment rather than competition. A fun run is especially good for fundraising with sponsors providing the revenue to cover organizational costs. Fun runs can include novelty categories, such as wearing costumes, and age categories for children, teens, and older adults.

Why use a peer to peer fundraising system?

Every minute saved for your (or unfortunately wasted) fun run becomes even more valuable to each team member or volunteer. Blue Sky’s SWEET! platform was built specifically with this challenge in mind.

Our years of experience working with small and medium-sized organizations influenced our peer to peer fundraising software development.  Our fun run event peer to peer fundraising software is simple and easy to use.

Features & Usability

When evaluating peer to peer fundraising systems, it is important to remember, no system “does it all!”  Do what you can to prioritize where the majority of the time spent with the software seems to be frustrating.

Also, review what tools or features will empower your team’s effectiveness in building fundraiser relationships. Focus on offering a great user experience.

Some features or tools you should consider:

  • Automated gratitude emails
  • Content creation friendly screens
  • Easy download reports
  • Configurable registration forms.

Pursue the ‘right feature set’ for your organization.

Don’t hesitate to plan your fun run for your school or organization. If you can do it in person or need to stay virtual, we can help you successfully raise those needed funds.

Peer to peer fundraising software can be simple, it can be easy to use, and it can save you time. Most importantly SWEET! by Blue Sky can also be priced to fit.

Contact us to see how we can help you host a more successful fun run fundraiser.