Low-Stress Fundraising: Host a Walk-a-Thon!

Walk-a-thons are successful fundraisers that satisfy the unique needs of both donors and fundraisers, looking for low-stress fundraising and giving options.  As donors and fundraisers, there are three simple truths we both can rely on:

  1. If you are a donor, you have already decided to give.
  2. If you are a fundraiser, you have already decided to act.
  3. Donors and fundraisers share a mutual desire to make giving accessible, quick, and easy!

One of the most low-stress fundraisers to host and participate in is a walk-a-thon.


Walk-a thons are a low-stress fundraising event option because:

  1. They are accessible to diverse audiences. For example, people of a and the physically challenged can participate.
  2. Do not require expertise on the part of the donor.
  3. Demand minimal event planning know-how with the right fundraising software management tool.
  4. Attract faithful supporters and new donors.
  5. Walk-a-thons are easy to expand on.  Walk-a-thon events can be expanded to include health fairs, live music, great food, kid-friendly activities, or a raffle to raise more dollars.


For donors and fundraisers alike, having the right fundraising software to meet your fundraising goal is critical to having an exceptional walk-a-thon experience.  Blue Sky Collaborative has had the pleasure of working with thousands of fundraising organizers and donors to implement successful walk-a-thons.  The end result of these collaborations is SWEET! a peer-to-peer fundraising software platform produced with feedback from thousands of non-profit clients nationwide.

LESSONS Learned From Walk-a-thon Donors and Fundraisers

  1. Give walkers, donors, and volunteers a one-stop-shop experience.
  2. Provide a practical, high-impact, user-friendly experience with SWEET!

With this ease of use for donors and fundraising in mind, SWEET! allows users to seamlessly:

  • Register for an event.
  • Set-up a fundraising page.
  • Select their shirt and other event-merchandise preferences.
  • Register their friends, family, and pets, giving each a fundraising page
  • Select meal preferences and food restrictions.
  • Share their fundraising page on social media and via email.
  • Share their story and their testimonials on their page.
  • Select from a menu of volunteer opportunities.
  • Provide access to real-time statics on dollars raised.
  • Notifications for how to improve progress towards their goal.
  • Data on new vs. returning donors.
  • Seamless integration of event communication tools.
  • Customize SWEET! software based on your organization’s unique needs.

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