Questions about SWEET! by Blue Sky Collaborative

Do we provide a team and individual fundraising pages?

Yes, when a participant registers they can:

  • Start a Team
  • Join a Team or
  • Participate Individually.

A Team starter gets a Team and Individual Fundraising page.

Does the platform automatically create fundraising pages when a participant registers

Yes, upon completion of the registration process, a participant:

  1. Taken to their dashboard to manage their profile
  2. Has a fundraising page created, that they can edit
  3. Receives a registration confirmation email from the platform

Can a participant register to join a team or participate individually and decide not to create a fundraising page?

Yes, fundraisers can have the option to register only and not fundraise. This is a feature that we can add if you ask us to provide that feature.

Can I manage the site content myself or do I need your team to maintain the site?

Yes, you can control most of the content on the site including:

  1. Use of images and video feeds
  2. Text size and color
  3. Fundraising page content
  4. Email content sent to participants
  5. Setting the fundraising goal
  6. Manage transaction and participant details

Do I need to buy a multi-year license to use your software?

Depending on the platform offering you select you can use our software month to month or purchase for only a year.

Do you charge a transaction fee on the funds we raise through your platform?

Our standard pricing is a license fee only on the platform offering you select. The only transaction fee you are charged is by the credit card payment gateway.

We also offer a software fee-based pricing if you prefer that payment method.

How long do you hold on the funds we raise before providing back to our organization?

We set you up directly with the payment gateway so you receive your funds by a batch deposit within 48-72 hours of processing.

Client Testimonials

Any organization looking to effectively leverage technology should look no further. Syam and his team were incredibly responsive, engaging problem solvers and worked outside of the parameters of “normal” business hours to create a website for us that meets every single need. If you want satisfaction and overall value, I highly, highly recommend Blue Sky!… Read more “Incredibly responsive, engaging problem solvers”

Bonnie Carter
Essex County CASA
Sweet! - Blue Sky Collaborative - Bike, Cycling Fundraising Events