DIY Peer to Peer Fundraising

List of 100 Charities That You Should Not Donate To, Perhaps

I came across a thought-provoking list the other day called ‘The Cone Nonprofit Power Brand 100’.  You can view the top 10 here To get the full report give Cone your email address. Mini-reports and lists are more for PR and don’t really have a lot of scientific validity.  People are drawn to lists – which … Read more

Nonprofits and Social Networking Tools

From the Chronicle of Philanthropy blog  “Nonprofit Groups Outpace Businesses in Adopting Social-Networking Tools. ” Although it pains me to respond to a post on the Chronicle’s soporific blog, I do think this time they’ve posted about an interesting topic.  Plus the data they are referencing was collected right here in Massachusetts so props to University … Read more