Corporate Social Responsibility

Nordstrom Nonprofit Concept Store To Support Nonprofits

From and posted by Olivia Khalili an update on Nordstrom. Apparently, Nordstrom has a concept store in the works that will donate some portion of proceeds to charities. Couple things. All the socially responsible marketing campaigns and product sales in the recent past (RED, Pepsi Refresh, etc…) have been successful enough to make this … Read more

New Legal Structures That Will Increase Competition For Nonprofits

As if the nonprofits sector isn’t fragmented and competitive enough… Anyone involved in the nonprofit sector should take note of this article in TechCrunch. It discusess  the existence and growth of 2 new types of legal structures for corporations;  the B Corporation ( and the Low-Profit LLC ( According to the article, “B Corps now … Read more

Charmin Raises $50,000 For Charity Via Celeb-Designed Toilet Seats

Yet another example of a new age in Corporate Social Responsibility. Companies are incorporating their giving into their marketing and simultaneously generating “Buzz” The handout days are over so nonprofits should take note when they approach companies. Propose something creative and mutually beneficial. Just like Charmin Celeb-Designed Toilet Seats. OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES SWEET! software promotes … Read more

Customer Driven Cause Marketing: Some Examples.

Some big companies have incorporated customer-driven programs into their cause marketing.  This is great on so many levels for the companies, customers, and the charities. Customer-driven cause marketing programs will become the most common form of corporate social responsibility because the company can actually make money while being socially responsible.  What’s more, it’s not a … Read more

Corporate responsibility: saving the world one suit at a time

This is an interesting site featuring news, ideas, and open-ended questions on corporate responsibility. With the increasing attention paid to the importance and benefits of socially responsible businesses, the nonprofit world is sitting on a goldmine of opportunities. This site provides some useful information on, as well as valuable insights into, this area from a … Read more