Top 10 Reasons Bowlathons Are Great Peer To Peer Fundraising Events

My imagination was sparked recently at a children’s birthday party I attended with my son.  We walked in to a bowl-a-rama and before the door closed, I mouthed the word, “WOW!”  Most noteworthy, I experienced good music, had quality food/drink and lots of laughs.  It’s no wonder some of Blue Sky Collaborative’s most successful peer to peer fundraising clients run bowlathons.

Bowling is a very sustainable nonprofit or school event.  Also, a big dollar opportunity.  Bowlathons are an opportunity to create a memorable event for your fundraisers, staff and supporters.  An event they look forward to attending year after year.  Think costumes, neon, glitter, school or corporate teams and comradery.

Below are some reasons why you should consider a bowlathon as your organization’s new primary or secondary fundraising campaign


  1. Bowling is a fun activity for people of all ages/abilities, especially at the newer bowling venues.
  2. Unlike walkathons or 5k’s, weather is not a factor which makes the bowlathon a perfect any time of year round fundraising event.
  3. The opportunity for supporters to express their creative abilities are second to none.
  4. Bowlathons are social media friendly.  Go LIVE and show everyone how much fun you are having.
  5. For bowlers, recruiting team members is easier because the event is fun and can even be competitive.
  6. Bowlathons are easy to budget for.
  7. The event venue is already prepared so your nonprofit or school can stay focused on recruitment and fundraising.
  8. Staff are less stressed than at outdoor events because there are fewer safety issues.
  9. Unlike walks, runs, or rides there are no permits or licenses required.
  10. Bowlathons are sponsor friendly:  businesses can include their own teams and set up information tables.

In a bowlathon teams of people of all ages can participate while collecting pledges and donations for your organization.  The campaign culminates in a night of bowling, fun and relationship building.  While many bowlathons are truly unique.  What is consistent is that all bowlathons are a fun and effective way to fundraise across all ages and communities.

The very best bowlathons craft fun, creativity, cause and community their own way.  At Blue Sky Collaborative we are fortunate to build  fundraising software for several bowlathons. Including the Bowl-4-Animal-Rescue run by 4 time PWBA national champion and United States Olympian, Michelle Mullen.  To date our clients have raised several million dollars with fundraiser friendly bowlathons.

At Blue Sky Collaborative our experience teaches us the nature of each event, its rules, and culture are the result of the efforts of staff and participant hard work.  Most importantly, we know that the most successful bowlathons are built around the preferences of a nonprofit’s community, not software’s capabilities.  We believe software should flex to people, so they can be creative, have fun and maximize their fundraising potential.  As a result our mission is to deliver you peer to peer fundraising software crafted your way.

We welcome the opportunity to chat with you about your nonprofit or school’s needs and dreams for your fundraising events.

At Blue Sky Collaborative our goal is to help you maximize the benefits of online peer-to-peer fundraising to achieve your mission.  To learn more about how we can help, visit our website or call us at (p) (800) 330-4109 ext. 803.


  1. SWEET! software promotes our client’s brand and vision.
  2. We craft to the needs of the client, because you are unique.
  3. We collaborate to foster an organization’s success.
  4. We do not charge transaction fees on the dollars you and your fundraisers earn.
  5. We do not handle our clients’ money.
  6. Technology user friendliness is essential to fundraising success.

Blue Sky Collaborative is a peer to peer fundraising software developer and design services firm.  Our SWEET! online peer to peer fundraising platform is ideal for any company, non-profit or school, large or small, that holds participant or pledge events:  CSR, walk-a-thons, golf-a-thons, run-a-thons, any-a-thons.  The company was founded in 2002.  

At present thousands of people use Blue Sky Collaborative’s software to support events and campaigns of all types.  Several hundred companies, non-profits and schools, in multiple languages, use Blue Sky Collaborative’s peer to peer fundraising software to raise tens of millions of dollars.

To learn more about how we can help, visit our website or call us at (p) (800) 330-4109 ext. 803.

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