Article: Nonprofits may Not Profit from Charitable Texts

Nonprofits may Not Profit from Charitable Texts. Suprise! Ms. Kenny highlights an issue that we saw coming after the mobile giving fad in Haiti.  TEXT-to-give is inefficient and not cost effective. Apps on smartphones are the way to go.  Look for many apps to surface in the coming year.  The best ones will combine the convenience of text-to-give with traditional … Read more

Social Fundraising Is The Most Effective Form of Online Fundraising

Social Fundraising: Why Your Organization Needs to Leverage The Most Effective Form of Online Fundraising View more presentations from sburadagunta. To learn more about social fundraising visit our website at OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES SWEET! software promotes our client’s brand and vision. We craft to the needs of the client because you are unique. Technology … Read more

Slideshare Platform Underused By Nonprofits for SEO

SlideShare has been around for a while.  Basically, it’s a “youtube for powerpoint presentations.” Recently SlideShare announced pricing for its premium offerings. The basic account is free and has powerful SEO (search engine optimization benefits. Most orgs have a stash of presentations languishing on their employee’s hard drives.  If you take these powerpoints … Read more

Google Nonprofit Portal Can Help Small and Startup Nonprofits

This is worth checking out – especially for smaller nonprofits. Google consolidated much of its back-office functionality. Additionally, Google made it non-profit-centric. Google Launches Non-Profit Portal OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES SWEET! software promotes our client’s brand and vision. We craft to the needs of the client because you are unique. Technology user-friendliness is essential to fundraising … Read more

New Legal Structures That Will Increase Competition For Nonprofits

As if the nonprofits sector isn’t fragmented and competitive enough… Anyone involved in the nonprofit sector should take note of this article in TechCrunch. It discusess  the existence and growth of 2 new types of legal structures for corporations;  the B Corporation ( and the Low-Profit LLC ( According to the article, “B Corps now … Read more

Hike-a-thon raises over $70000 for Massachusetts Nonprofit

Wilderness Heals is a three-day pledge hike to raise funds for the Elizabeth Stone House. The event has posted some impressive numbers thus far including one hiker who is personally responsible for raising over $6500. Elizabeth Stone House is well on their way to raising their goal for the event. Wilderness Heals uses SWEET Fundraising Software … Read more

Nonprofits Should Avoid This Online Fundraising Software Feature

Online fundraising watch out. “Due to delays in FirstGiving forwarding funds…” YIKES. The problem with legacy systems is that it’s really tough to change anything.  There is absolutely no good reason for FirstGiving or any other vendor to have a nonprofit’s donations before sending them the money.  None, whatsoever.  It’s like having your paychecks … Read more

1994: The Year Kintera Fired All of It’s Designers

Look at one of Kintera’s Friends Asking Friends sites. It is like going back in time to the mid 90’s. Look at  these screenshots: Seriously? The fonts, the graphics, the layout.  It’s  all  so antiquated. Where are the Social Media links? There’s a scrolling marquee on the page.  Yes, I said scrolling marquee. This is a premium … Read more

“The Attack on Nonprofit Status and Tax Benefits:” Good or Bad?

Here’s a thought-provoking abstract on ideas floated by lawmakers designed to give significant tax benefits to socially active for-profit organizations. There is even a mention of the creation of a whole new tax exemption status.  A hybrid nonprofit/for-profit company form known as the Low-Profit Limited Liability Company. If instituted, changes like this will drastically … Read more