Top 5 Tips for a Better Fundraising Walk/Run

Summer is officially here and for many organizations, that means it is finally fundraising season.  So many of our clients rely on a major annual fundraising Walk or Run to raise money for their vital programs.  Since we have been a part of so many successful campaigns we are often asked about the keys to … Read more

Razoo Crash Leaves MN Charities Empty Handed

From the “if it’s too good to be true it is” files. Many charities depending on the Give to the Max day, in Minnesota, were left to fend for themselves when the donation web service Razoo crashed.   Razoo, which touts free transactions, evidently doesn’t pay enough for their web hosting provider.   We ran … Read more

Word of Mouth Trumps Facebook for Driving Attendance at Fundraisers

To increase attendance at your nonprofits’ events, rely more heavily on word of mouth over Social Media sharing. Everyone kind of knows this already, but sometimes it’s good to see the numbers. Blue Sky Collaborative manages the online registration for the Cancer Support Community’s Annual Red Ball (  Online registrants are required to enter their … Read more

The Best AIDS Walk Ever in Portland, OR

Cascade AIDS Project recently completed its 2012 Portland AIDS Walk. The event was a smashing success. AIDS Walk Portland beats fundraising goal, hopes it’s beating AIDS stigma The Portland AIDS Walk site ( runs on the SWEET Fundraising Platform for walk-a-thons and other peer to peer fundraising events.  After running for several years on Kintera, … Read more

The Future of Government Funding for Nonprofits

So, what does the future hold for nonprofits that depend on government funding?  Not much good, so plan accordingly.   Congressional battles over the budget have put social service grants squarely on the chopping block. One course of action would be for nonprofit leaders to mobilize and fight to retain funding as Mark Rosenman suggests … Read more

GM Nixes Facebook Ads Budget, Nonprofits Should Follow Suit

From an article on MSNBC: “In mid-May, just ahead of Facebook’s IPO, GM’s marketing executives said they would pull $10 million in advertising from the social network after judging the efforts had “little impact” in reaching consumers. GM, the third largest advertiser in the United States, also said it will continue to use the Facebook … Read more

Payment Gateways Compatible w/ SWEET! Peer to Peer Fundraising Software

SWEET! peer to peer fundraising software works with any of the following payment gateways.  We’re adding more all time so ask us if your gateway is not here. Paypal Google Pay Sage Payments IATS Acceptiva BluePay Cybersource VANCO AMG OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES SWEET! software promotes our client’s brand and … Read more