Alternatives to Kintera

Alternatives to Blackbaud, Sphere, Kintera and Standard Peer to Peer Fundraising Software For Campaigns That Stand Out

Standing Out In a Crowded Field With so many peer to peer fundraising campaigns today, it’s imperative that nonprofits create campaigns and experiences that stand out from the crowd.  Massive organizations like Komen that have massive marketing budgets have a stronghold on the casual peer to peer event participant. How can the small to medium-sized … Read more

Massachusetts Top Under the Radar Charities:  Introduction

In 2017 US News and World Report Ranked Massachusetts the top state in the US based on a variety of factors including education, economy, crime rates, and overall opportunity. As residents of Massachusetts, we wholeheartedly agree! The Bay State is also home to some of the largest nonprofit organizations in the country.  Giants like Massachusetts … Read more

SWEET! Is The Peer to Peer Fundraising Alternative to Crowdrise and Other Crowdfunding Sites

Peer to peer fundraising primarily comes in three forms:  Proprietary Event, Do-It-Yourself (DIY), and Crowdfunding. We see the long-term benefits of the proprietary event and DIY peer to peer fundraising as unsurpassed.  Furthermore they are the primary ways to develop a branded and sustainable campaign. A campaign that can become the centerpiece of your organization. Peer to … Read more


Top 10 Reasons Bowlathons Are Great Peer To Peer Fundraising Events

My imagination was sparked recently at a children’s birthday party I attended with my son.  We walked in to a bowl-a-rama and before the door closed, I mouthed the word, “WOW!”  Most noteworthy, I experienced good music, had quality food/drink and lots of laughs.  It’s no wonder some of Blue Sky Collaborative’s most successful peer to … Read more

Measuring Engagement In Your Peer to Peer Campaign

What organization does not love a rainmaker?  You know, that dedicated, committed, and indispensable soul that runs a marathon for you and raises $20,000 from their friends and family in the process.  This is the peer to peer fundraising gold standard.  When you find this person, hold on and don’t let go! But what about … Read more