Peer to Peer Fundraising by Celebrities

Peer to Peer Fundraising by Celebrities

JJ Watt?!?! Peer to Peer Fundraiser Extraordinaire. Houston Texans defensive end, J.J. Watt’s peer to peer fundraising campaign raised over $37 million for Hurricane Harvey relief.  Proving once again, that @JJWatt can do anything he sets his mind to…except beat the Patriots.  Sorry, that’s the Boston in me.  I couldn’t resist. Watt’s success shows once … Read more

A Guide to Building Relationships With Companies for Non-Profits & Schools- Part I

The opportunity for non-profits or schools to build relationships with companies is better than ever.  Companies of all sizes and types need non-profits to achieve their marketing and employee engagement goals.  Especially relevant to companies are peer to peer fundraising campaigns, because this type of fundraising supports their marketing and employee engagement goals simultaneously. Part … Read more

Incentives Can Drive Peer to Peer Fundraising

Incentives Will Drive Your Peer to Peer Fundraising Success

Incentives significantly impact a Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaign by increasing participation, fundraising, and retention when done well. Incentives come in many forms. Products:  A top fundraiser in a ride receives a bicycle or gear donated to the event. Branded/Promotional Materials:  Fundraisers can earn SWAG for raising money.  Cupids Undie Run ( #cupidsundierun) does a great … Read more

Peer to Peer Fundraising Super Groups

Massachusetts Top Under The Radar Charities: Elizabeth Stone House

This week’s Top Under the Radar Charity in Massachusetts is the incredible Elizabeth Stone House.  The charity partners with adult and child survivors of domestic violence and related trauma. Areas of focus include mental illness, housing instability, and substance misuse. The charity helps to achieve safety, stability, and overall well-being. Survivors learn skills, develop confidence … Read more

The Many, Many Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising For Your Nonprofit or School

Online peer-to-peer fundraising is more popular than ever.  A large reason for this popularity is organizations can achieve their fundraising and relationship building goals simultaneously.  The great news is online peer-to-peer fundraising helps any size nonprofit or school succeed. Your organization or event can grow funds, cut costs, and reduce staff efforts.  Most noteworthy you can better … Read more

Yes, Peer to Peer Fundraising Is A Good Idea For Your Nonprofit Or School- Part I

Online peer-to-peer fundraising helps any size nonprofit or school grow and succeed.  Because the benefits an organization receives  are numerous.  Online peer-to-peer fundraising is more than a new funding opportunity.  The organization and supporter relationship building benefits are what is most noteworthy in an online peer-to-peer campaign. In our two part blog series we highlight the emotional (Part I) … Read more

peer to peer fundraising software

Talking Peer to Peer Fundraising Software To Strangers

Like many programmers, I am much more comfortable behind a computer than I am walking alone into a crowded room full of strangers with the intention of getting to know at least a couple of them. Needless to say, networking events are not my forte. Building a peer-to- peer fundraising software business, however, pushes you … Read more