Tips for a Better Walk / Run Fundraising Event

Tips for a Better Walk / Run Fundraising Event

Summer is officially here and for many organizations, that means it is finally fundraising season. So many of our clients rely on a major annual fundraising walk or run to raise money for their vital programs. Since we have been a part of so many successful campaigns we are often asked about the keys to … Read more

Walkathon Checklist - 4 Months to Success

Walkathon Checklist – 4 Months to Success

Planning a successful walkathon is easy if you are organized and have a checklist. Walks are fantastic fundraisers for a number of reasons. Anyone can participate. Young, old, people who are in top physical condition and even people in wheelchairs can come and support your organization. It’s so democratic and inclusive. Plus, more people means more people fundraising … Read more

Gratitude Is Everything In Peer to Peer Fundraising

Gratitude Is Everything In Peer to Peer Fundraising

A time tested study by AFP reinforces a simple truth. Peer to Peer Fundraising personal networks creates greater giving. A person asking their peer for a donation drives a greater number of gift giving than direct communication from an organization to a donor. Because of this, you should have a plan to show gratitude for your … Read more

Billy Starr is THE MAN in nonprofit fundraising

Billy Starr is THE MAN.  The undisputed king of nonprofit fundraising. Starr is the man behind the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC), the Super Bowl of American athletic fundraising events.  Look at the numbers: (from 1980: 36 Riders $10,200 Raised 1985: 472 Riders $250,000 Raised 1990: 980 Riders $1.3 million Raised 1995: 1,715 Riders $3.5 million … Read more

Donation Thank You Letter

Donation Thank You Letter Template for Nonprofit Events

You planned an event for your favorite charity and now it’s time to thank your donors. One of the most important communications of any charity fundraising or donations campaign is the donation thank you letter. A donation thank you letter is not just a receipt for the donation, but a communication from the organization that … Read more

What is Peer to Peer Fundraising?

Peer to Peer Fundraising, A Proven Method

Peer to Peer Fundraising is a proven method for nonprofit organizations and their supporters to fundraise. In Peer to Peer fundraising, a charity’s supporters take on the role of fundraisers themselves, asking their friends, family, and colleagues for donations toward that organization. Peer to Peer fundraising can come in many forms. It can be centered … Read more

Fundraising Volunteers: An Important Influence On Campaign Growth

Fundraising Volunteers: An Important Influence On Campaign Growth

All large Peer to Peer Fundraising events depend on a corps of dedicated and accountable volunteers.  Volunteer management is difficult but vital to growing a peer to peer fundraising campaign.  Fundraising volunteers generally fall into one of three categories. Leadership Staff support General support The first two groups will have the most impact on growing … Read more