SWEET! BIRDATHON Peer to Peer Fundraising Software

The Bird-a-thon is a very unique peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Employed by many Audubon chapters and conservancy groups across the United States.  Some bird-a-thons have existed for decades. Surprisingly many are still not raising money online.  One reason for this is that the very specific requirements of a bird-a-thon can’t be supported by standard peer to … Read more

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How Readathons & Online Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Improve Child Literacy

A well coordinated online readathon peer-to-peer fundraising campaign combines the best of all outcomes for children, parents, educators and social good helpers.  An online fundraising campaign that fully supports the specific requirements of Readathon’s makes fundraising easy and secure.  The right read-a-thon  software can help achieve fundraising goals year over year, encourage community service and share … Read more

Top Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software Features For Volunteers

All substantial Peer-to-Peer fundraising campaigns and events depend on a corps of dedicated volunteers.  Accountable volunteers can help boost fundraising by 10-30%.  The challenge is setting up your volunteers for success with your software.  Your peer to peer fundraising software should help you avoid a cat-herding situation while reaping the benefits of your volunteer team. … Read more

The Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software

Walk-a-thon Fundraising Software Features

What Makes Walk-a-thon Fundraising So Great? Walk-a-thons are great events for the entire family. You don’t need to be a triathlete or marathoner to participate. Walk-a-thons can be simple to organize. Walk-a-thons are less work and less liability than runs and bike rides. Walk-a-thons attract true supporters of the organization. A 5K or running event … Read more

What is Peer to Peer Fundraising?

Peer to Peer Fundraising, A Proven Method

Peer to Peer Fundraising is a proven method for nonprofit organizations and their supporters to fundraise. In Peer to Peer fundraising, a charity’s supporters take on the role of fundraisers themselves, asking their friends, family, and colleagues for donations toward that organization. Peer to Peer fundraising can come in many forms. It can be centered … Read more

Email Marketing Integration makes your Peer to Peer fundraising platform better

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software With E-Mail Marketing Integration

Peer to Peer Fundraising software should leverage the powerful capabilities of the best email marketing services.  Emails from peer to peer fundraising platforms that end up in Junk or SPAM folders can cost your organization thousands every year. SWEET! peer-to-peer fundraising software currently integrates with the following excellent e-mail marketing services. ActiveCampaign Integrated email marketing, marketing … Read more

Fundraising Volunteers: An Important Influence On Campaign Growth

Fundraising Volunteers: An Important Influence On Campaign Growth

All large Peer to Peer Fundraising events depend on a corps of dedicated and accountable volunteers.  Volunteer management is difficult but vital to growing a peer to peer fundraising campaign.  Fundraising volunteers generally fall into one of three categories. Leadership Staff support General support The first two groups will have the most impact on growing … Read more

ROFEH International

Massachusetts Top Under The Radar Charities: ROFEH International

World class healthcare institutions could be Massachusetts’ greatest resource.  Boston reisdents are very fortunate to have access to the best doctors and nurses on earth. ROFEH International extends this access to everyone in the world. It’s a great idea. ROFEH International is a humanitarian project dedicated to helping the sick from all walks of life. … Read more