Nonprofit leaders must use statistics and tracking to elicit contributions

“A group of executives with top-tier Arizona businesses said nonprofit leaders must use statistics, figures and tracking to elicit contributions from private-sector companies — and think twice about that annual golf tournament.” Heres a link to a short but thought-provoking article about a nonprofit summit in Arizona. Additional key quote. “If the revenue generated … Read more

Georgia Center for Nonprofits Summit 2008

Georgia Center for Nonprofits asked me to write a short post for their upcoming event.  It looks like a great event even if they didn’t ask me to speak.  🙂 Here’s the agenda: The registration link is here: The agenda looks very useful with a diverse array of topics addressed by noted industry … Read more

How to Organize a Fundraising Walkathon: Month 2

Here’s the second month of a 4-month plan to organize a fundraising walkathon.  The first month of planning can be found here: How to Organize a Fundraising Walkathon: Month 1. Selling This month focuses on selling – selling registrations using your online fundraising walkathon software, selling sponsorships, and acquiring in-kind donations.  There are a lot … Read more

How to Organize a Walk-athon Fundraiser Walk Pledge Event: Month 1

Here’s a 4-month “project plan” for organizing a professional caliber and sustainable Walk-athon fundraiser.  Walks are fantastic fundraisers for a number of reasons.  Anyone can participate.  Young, old, people who are in top physical condition and even people in wheelchairs can come and support your organization.  It’s so democratic and inclusive.  Plus, more people means … Read more

Kintera Delisting – Be Sure To Protect Your Data

Oh Boy.  Kintera delisting is on the verge of occurring.  It’s trading at 60 cents right now.  It has been under $1.00 for some time now.  Kintera’s ROE (Return on Equity) is around -80%.  That’s not good. What are the consequences for nonprofits and their donors?  I’m not sure exactly but my guess … Read more

SWEET Pledge Event Fundraising Software

SWEET is CUSTOMIZED PLEDGE EVENT FUNDRAISING SOFTWARE FOR EVENTS. Most importantly it is designed specifically for nonprofit events doing participant fundraising. Sweet! is an ideal software solution for bike rides, walks, marathons, and other a-thons. It’s simple, very effective and affordable. Let SWEET! by Blue Sky Collaborative help you experience, Simple. Easy. Yes! Please check … Read more

Attackers Snatch Member Data from Convio

Attackers Snatch Member Data from 92 Nonprofits by infiltrating systems at Convio.  This is unfortunate.,2704,2216161,00.asp Some people have nothing better to do.  It is, however, an inherent risk (among others) of placing your donor information in the hands of a third party. It also brings up issues regarding acquisitions.  Apparently, the donor data was … Read more

Donor Management Software Is Not Effective

Does anyone out there have any data on the impact of donor management software on a nonprofit’s revenue? Better yet, is there data – real statistically rigorous data, not marketing fluff – that this software directly results in more revenue for nonprofits. Are there ROI calculations that incorporate the costs of the software data conversion … Read more

CRM, DRM and Web 2.0, 3.0, 4.0…Infinity

DRM (Donor Relationship Management) for nonprofits will die.  You heard it hear first. And although it will be a long, slow, painful death for most orgranizations, there will come a day when social networking and web 2.0 apps evolve into the relationship tool that DRM promised but never delivered.  The result will be strong communities … Read more