Obama’s the man for the nonprofit sector!

People read this blog.  The number of readers is not unsubstantial.  Thanks to all of you who check in.  Most of the readers are connected to the nonprofit sector. To those of you who are, we feel obligated to urge you to vote for the candidate that will provide the best chance for nonprofits to thrive and … Read more

Are women better fundraisers than men?

Are women better fundraisers than men, maybe. We looked at data from one of our client’s recent events.  It was a fundraising dog walk-a-thon that raised $50,000 or so – a fairly typical event in its size and the size of the organization running it.  Participants collected roughly 1200 donations.  Women raised more than twice … Read more

Uplifting Athletes at Penn State

Big ups to ESPN blogger Adam Rittenberg for covering the Penn State Uplifting Athletes Lift for Life Event. http://myespn.go.com/blogs/bigten/0-1-25/Lift-For-Life-recap.html http://myespn.go.com/blogs/bigten/0-1-18/Penn-State-takes-on-weighty-cause.html?post=true This isn’t your run of the mill NCAA Division 1 athlete story that makes the ESPN home page.  There are no rules or laws broken.  No firearms were brandished.  No alcohol was involved.  Still, it’s … Read more

Walkathon software that will increase your event revenue

We are seeing more and more examples of organizations increasing their pledge event revenue by using SWEET event fundraising software by Blue Sky Collaborative.  At first, I hesitated to attribute their success to the software.  But it has become difficult to ignore the real impact that SWEET is having on event revenue.  Don’t take my … Read more

Miss Manners Gives Advice On Walkathons

Miss Manners (aka Judith Martin) gives advice about charity accountability to a beleaguered walkathon donor.  The full article can be found here http://www.chicagotribune.com/features/columnists/advice/chi-0410manners_zapr10,0,658025.column. The well informed Miss Manners gives very sound advice.  Her reader laments, “Now that it is spring, I am receiving the annual round of e-mails soliciting financial pledges for various walkathons, marathons … Read more