A quick and easy way to tell if a nonprofit spends money wisely

I recently read a thought provoking article. Donors want financial transparency for churches.  Some quotes form the article:  “Christian nonprofit groups and churches are being urged by donors to be more forthcoming about their spending amid the economic downturn and massive alleged fraud cases involving money managers like Bernard Madoff.” “I’m not giving to pay some … Read more

Security and online donations – some overlooked factors

Some standard guidelines for nonprofits accepting online donations are: Use donation pages are 256-bit SSL encrypted Protect your database by limiting access to it and hosting it with a reputable hosting provider Hide Credit Card info. Better yet, don’t store the credit card number.  Why do you need it?  Nothing good can come from a … Read more

Video for Nonprofits: Break Free

Clive Thompson points out that the future of video use is only limited by our collective imagination.  Capturing video and getting it on to a computer is very easy to do and affordable.  Broadcasting and sharing video is free on YouTube.  Thompson goes on to state that  “the Internet has shown us that video is also good for … Read more

Fundraising Articles – Why I’m quoting myself

I’ve read a few fundraising articles today in hopes of finding something  that I could pass along to the world.  The most intriguing thing I found is from one of my recent posts.  So I’m quoting myself in hopes of giving others food for thought.  Hopefully the resulting thought isn’t that I’m an ass.    “if … Read more

Walkathon Peer to Peer Fundraising Software Demo

We have a demo!  Try it out for free.  SWEET works great for any type of “a-thon,” road races, bike events, marathons, road races, etc… See why so many nonprofit organizations rave about their SWEET fundraising software.   Test the online registrations View fundraising pages and test online donations View reports and more Find the Perfect … Read more

Nonprofits can learn from Obama’s fundraising success

Barack Obama’s unprecedented campaign generated an astounding $640 million.  People in the political and fundraising sectors are looking for answers on how the Obama campaign was able to achieve such great fundraising success.  Imagine if he had lost the election?  I wonder what the fallout would be?  The amount that he raised needs to be viewed … Read more

More Proof that “a-thons” are Recession Proof

Every single one of our clients has reported their highest fundraising revenue ever in their walkathons, bike rides, road races, and a-thons in 2008.  Many of them also report 40-60% decreases in their sponsorships and major donations.   I noticed the trend a while ago.  I’m starting to come to the conclusion that the “a-thon” model is not affected by … Read more