Another creative pledge/viral fundraising idea

Well Aware, a nonprofit in Austin, TX has come up with a variation on the a-thon fundraising model.  In their “Shower Strike: campaign, they’ve asked people to form teams to raise raise $1000 to benefit Well Aware.  Now here’s the creative part – the fundraisers are not going to shower till they have reached their … Read more

Updated links to Free Nonprofit Resources

Our site went through a slight redesign. We moved things around.  Below are updated links to the free nonprofit resources that are downloaded most frequently. Press Release Template This template gives you a general format for a press release. Insert your own information.   Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template This template gives you a … Read more

SWEET Viral fundraising platform hits Canada

Viral fundraising campaigns are vital components of nonprofit fundraising portfolios in Canada.  And it’s not just in the form of walkathons and events. The Darling Home for Kids,, in Milton, Ontario, Canada started a viral fundraising campaign. They are using SWEET software to meet the revenue needs of a specific program. Their Build a … Read more

List of 100 Charities That You Should Not Donate To, Perhaps

I came across a thought-provoking list the other day called ‘The Cone Nonprofit Power Brand 100’.  You can view the top 10 here To get the full report give Cone your email address. Mini-reports and lists are more for PR and don’t really have a lot of scientific validity.  People are drawn to lists – which … Read more

Nonprofits and Social Networking Tools

From the Chronicle of Philanthropy blog  “Nonprofit Groups Outpace Businesses in Adopting Social-Networking Tools. ” Although it pains me to respond to a post on the Chronicle’s soporific blog, I do think this time they’ve posted about an interesting topic.  Plus the data they are referencing was collected right here in Massachusetts so props to University … Read more

Data on the Impact of Facebook Sharing on Pledge Fundraising

There is a great deal of discussion on how nonprofits can utilize Facebook and other social networks to bolster their fundraising efforts.  Much of what I’ve read has been speculation.  Anything more substantive has concluded that Facebook has relatively little impact on fundraising. I have some more positive news to share.  Sharing personal fundraising pages seems to positively … Read more

CNN Heroes Recognizes Shin Fujiyama of Students Helping Honduras

Blue Sky Collaborative is proud to share that Shin Fujiyama, the director of Students Helping Honduras is a CNN Hero.  Students Helping Honduras raised almost $100,000 with its pledge fundraising campaign. Run on Blue Sky’s SWEET Online Pledge Fundraising software platform. Student’s Helping Honduras uses SWEET to run an unlimited number of pledge fundraising events. … Read more

The Recession Business

I jsut received another invitation to a webinar about “recession-proofing’ my business.  It turns out that the turbulence in the world markets have spawned the “What To Do About the Recession” industry.  For nonprofits, there are certainly many issues to consider.  But the bottom line is that orgs need to keep a very close eye on their … Read more

Feeding 18,000 Kids and Counting for a Month

Blue Sky Collaborative feels rewarded to know that we played a small role in enabling work that leads to substantial social benefits. Take City Harvest ( for example. Based in New York City, City Harvest will collect 23 million pounds of food this year. That food helps over 260,000 hungry New Yorkers find their next … Read more

Sucessful ​online fundraising powered by college students

College students these days…are awesome.  Take Students Helping Honduras (SHH), for example.  A few months ago, they began a campaign of pledge fundraisers. The type of fundraiser where you ask volunteers to raise money for you by reaching out to their friends and families. In about 2 months, SHH raised over $80,000!  By relying on the … Read more