Reasons Why Switching Your Fundraising Platform Is Worth It

5 Reasons to Change Your Fundraising Platform

Many nonprofits already have a peer to peer fundraising platform. Typically, the peer to peer system is a part of a more extensive, integrated donor management system. The primary benefit of an integrated approach is data management. But many integrated peer to peer systems fall short, leaving the charity from truly realizing the potential of their … Read more

First Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaign - Off the Shelf vs. Custom Software?

Off the Shelf or Custom Peer to Peer Fundraising Software?

If your organization is dipping its toe into peer to peer fundraising for the first time, great! Peer to peer fundraising has become an invaluable part of most fundraising portfolios because it requires less money and resources. One thing you need to decide is what type of software to choose to run your campaign – an off … Read more

School Annual Campaign Fundraising Made Easy

School Annual Campaign Fundraising Made Easy

Did you know about our school annual campaign fundraising software? It’s our newest peer to peer fundraising platform offering specifically to support schools. Whether you are a private or public school, our school annual fundraising software can help you with easily and efficiently conducting your annual campaigns, working with your fundraisers and donors, and managing … Read more

Bike-a-thon fundraising campaign

Bike-a-thon Peer to Peer Fundraising Software Features

What makes a bike-a-thon fundraising event great? There are many popular bike-a-thons conducted that raise a lot of money and awareness for their causes. So why is this type of fundraising event so popular? Great event for the entire family. Simple to organize due to limitless online resources to help. Attract true supporters of the organization. … Read more

Top 5 Success Tips For Your Fundraising Event

Tips For Planning a Successful Fundraising Event

It’s prime time for event peer to peer fundraising season. The spring through fall timeframe is a great opportunity for organizations of all sizes to achieve their fundraising goals through well-organized events. Many of our clients rely on a fundraising walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon or jog-a-thon fundraising events.  Our clients often ask us about the keys to … Read more

School Pledge Per Lap Fundraising Software Features

School Pledge Per Lap Fundraising: Software Features You Need

What Makes School Pledge Per Lap Fundraising So Effective? A school pledge per lap event: Is a great fundraising approach for schools and easy for kids and staff to understand. Is simple to organize. Creates fun competition and great camaraderie. Can be creative (COSTUMES!) and a fun way for kids/staff to show school spirit. Can bring … Read more

Simple walk-a-thon fundraising software

Simple, Easy Walk-a-thon Peer to Peer Fundraising Software

Walk-a-thon fundraising software can be simple and easy and most importantly leverage your team’s time. Small and medium-sized non-profits fight even greater challenges than their larger colleagues.  Tighter budgets, less staff, yet very important missions and ever disappearing time.  With those added challenges, every minute saved for your walk becomes even more valuable to each … Read more

The prefect payment processor for peer to peer fundraising

Choosing the Ideal Payment Processor for Peer to Peer Fundraising

Time to re-evaluate payment processing at your nonprofit Some nonprofit managers are using this time to re-evaluate their organization’s infrastructure.  Whether it is video conference services, phone systems, web hosting or email marketing, now is a good time to explore alternatives before everyone returns to the office.  It is a unique opportunity that could cut … Read more