Bike-a-thon Peer to Peer Fundraising Software Features

What makes a bike-a-thon fundraising event great?

There are many popular bike-a-thons conducted that raise a lot of money and awareness for their causes. So why is this type of fundraising event so popular?

  • Great event for the entire family.
  • Simple to organize due to limitless online resources to help.
  • Attract true supporters of the organization.

A successful bike-a-thon event can bring 100’s and even 1000’s of new donors to your organization.

The effectiveness of a Bike-a-thon fundraising campaign is another reason why so many organizations host their own. Effectiveness is best achieved when prospective riders and donors have a lot of options to choose from.

If you want potential participants and donors to choose your bike-a-thon, then you should make it a great event and not just an obligation. Great food, shirts, prizes, photo booths, bounce houses, music and more fun and entertainment are all components of a great event.

Providing these options and features can be easy with the right bike-a-thon fundraising software.

Your Bike-a-thon software should be able to:

  1. Allow riders or teams to register and set up a fundraising page simultaneously
  2. Offer riders the option to make food choices
  3. Allow riders to select their shirt size
  4. Allow riders to register their families
  5. Offer riders the option to select times for photos
  6. Support volunteers to registration
  7. Rank the top fundraising riders and teams
  8. Rank the riders who referred the most people to the event.

The right bike-a-thon fundraising software will make success easier

BIKE TO THE BEACH is a great example of a full-featured bike-a-thon that supports an amazing charity and offers an event that people look forward to participating in and attending.  To be successful with your own bike-a-thon, make it different from other ordinary rides. One way to do that is to be sure that your bike-a-thon software is flexible enough to provide features that support your particular needs.

Blue Sky Collaborative created Bike-a-thon peer to peer fundraising software specifically to support the unique needs of bike-a-thon fundraisers. With our Sweet! Bike-a-Thon software, fundraisers can easily customize our platform themselves or they can allow us to do it for them.” 

“Sweet! By Blue Sky has the flexibility to allow you to do anything you want, including build your fundraising website from scratch,” said Ben Dalley, Director of Operations with Bike to the Beach. “It is the best peer-to-peer fundraising customization platform in the market. Very few other platforms are designed to be as flexible.”

Both our Sweet! and Blue Sky Give platforms also offer non-profits both large and small the ability to conduct their events virtually as well as in-person and to maintain a connection with their community and continue their mission to gain support for their charity before, during and after the event. The virtual fundraising options Blue Sky has enabled with its platforms allows all organizations to scale their fundraising campaigns beyond local events and provides them with a broader reach and opportunities going forward. If your company, non-profit or school holds bike-a-thons, our Sweet! Bike-a-thon fundraising platform is the ideal software tool for a successful event. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo.