Measuring Engagement In Your Peer to Peer Campaign

What organization does not love a rainmaker?  You know, that dedicated, committed, and indispensable soul that runs a marathon for you and raises $20,000 from their friends and family in the process.  This is the peer to peer fundraising gold standard.  When you find this person, hold on and don’t let go!

But what about everyone else?  Some people simply don’t have the networks to raise a lot of money.  And others are just too shy to ask anyone for money.  

Whatever the reason, the vast majority of people are not rainmakers.  Their value to the organization should not be measured solely in dollars and cents.  

Here are other ways to measure an individual’s value to your organization in a peer to peer campaign.

  1. # of social media posts on sites like facebook, twitter, and instagram
  2. # of emails sent to friends and family telling them about the event
  3. # of people recruited to participate in the event

If you have access to this data then you will truly get a sense of how engaged each person is in the campaign.  And even if they don’t raise $20,000, perhaps they can raise awareness by sending 20 emails, post on social media 30 times, and recruit 3 more people to join the event.  

And perhaps one of those 3 new people they introduce to your organization turns out to be a rainmaker themselves….

Any peer to peer fundraising system that you use should be able to give you these insights to help expand your campaign and take your organization to new heights.

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