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School Pledge Per Lap Fundraising Software Features

School Pledge Per Lap Fundraising: Software Features You Need

What Makes School Pledge Per Lap Fundraising So Effective? A school pledge per lap event: Is a great fundraising approach for schools and easy for kids and staff to understand. Is simple to organize. Creates fun competition and great camaraderie. Can be creative (COSTUMES!) and a fun way for kids/staff to show school spirit. Can bring … Read more

Bike-a-thon fundraising campaign

Bike-a-thon Peer to Peer Fundraising Software Features

What makes a bike-a-thon fundraising event great? There are many popular bike-a-thons conducted that raise a lot of money and awareness for their causes. So why is this type of fundraising event so popular? Great event for the entire family. Simple to organize due to limitless online resources to help. Attract true supporters of the organization. … Read more

What is Peer to Peer Fundraising?

Peer to Peer Fundraising, A Proven Method

Peer to Peer Fundraising is a proven method for nonprofit organizations and their supporters to fundraise. In Peer to Peer fundraising, a charity’s supporters take on the role of fundraisers themselves, asking their friends, family, and colleagues for donations toward that organization. Peer to Peer fundraising can come in many forms. It can be centered … Read more

Fundraising Volunteers: An Important Influence On Campaign Growth

Fundraising Volunteers: An Important Influence On Campaign Growth

All large Peer to Peer Fundraising events depend on a corps of dedicated and accountable volunteers.  Volunteer management is difficult but vital to growing a peer to peer fundraising campaign.  Fundraising volunteers generally fall into one of three categories. Leadership Staff support General support The first two groups will have the most impact on growing … Read more