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Incentives Can Drive Peer to Peer Fundraising

Incentives Will Drive Your Peer to Peer Fundraising Success

Incentives significantly impact a Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaign by increasing participation, fundraising, and retention when done well. Incentives come in many forms. Products: A top fundraiser in a ride receives a bicycle or gear donated to the event. Branded/Promotional Materials: Fundraisers can earn SWAG for raising money. Cupids Undie Run ( #cupidsundierun) does a great job with … Read more

NationBuilder and Blue Sky Partner To Support Non-Profits

Blue Sky Collaborative is proud to announce a new partnership with NationBuilder. NationBuilder is the world’s first leadership software and supports non-profits donor management efforts. Outward-facing in orientation, Nation Builder helps organizations to identify, attract, and engage more supporters, donors, voters, customers.

Web Accessibility Fundraising Software - SWEET!

Web Accessible Peer to Peer Fundraising With Sweet! Software

Sweet! is a peer to peer fundraising app that is 100% customizable. Over the years, we’ve learned so much from our clients because we are responsive to their needs and ideas. In fact, many innovations in peer to peer fundraising have come directly from our nonprofit clients. Why is web accessibility important for your fundraising … Read more

The prefect payment processor for peer to peer fundraising

Choosing the Ideal Payment Processor for Peer to Peer Fundraising

Time to re-evaluate payment processing at your nonprofit Some nonprofit managers are using this time to re-evaluate their organization’s infrastructure.  Whether it is video conference services, phone systems, web hosting or email marketing, now is a good time to explore alternatives before everyone returns to the office.  It is a unique opportunity that could cut … Read more

COVID-19 Impact on Peer to Peer Fundraising

COVID-19 Impact on Peer to Peer Fundraising

A friend of mine who is running the Boston marathon to raise money for his charity called to ask if people would still donate if the marathon is cancelled amidst the corona virus concerns. Unfortunately, many organizations are being forced to cancel their proprietary peer to peer fundraising events in this uncertain time. Normally, these … Read more

Walkathon Checklist - 4 Months to Success

Walkathon Checklist – 4 Months to Success

Planning a successful walkathon is easy if you are organized and have a checklist. Walks are fantastic fundraisers for a number of reasons. Anyone can participate. Young, old, people who are in top physical condition and even people in wheelchairs can come and support your organization. It’s so democratic and inclusive. Plus, more people means more people fundraising … Read more

PaymentSpring Blue Sky Partnership

PaymentSpring Payment Gateway and Blue Sky Partner

Blue Sky Collaborative is proud to announce a new partnership with PaymentSpring payment gateway. PaymentSpring provides online mobile payments gateways and merchant accounts. Their powerful payment processing gateway supports software platforms, businesses, and nonprofits who want a solution as simple as it is secure.

Gratitude Is Everything In Peer to Peer Fundraising

Gratitude Is Everything In Peer to Peer Fundraising

A time tested study by AFP reinforces a simple truth. Peer to Peer Fundraising personal networks creates greater giving. A person asking their peer for a donation drives a greater number of gift giving than direct communication from an organization to a donor. Because of this, you should have a plan to show gratitude for your … Read more

School Annual Campaign Fundraising Made Easy

School Annual Campaign Fundraising Made Easy

Did you know about our school annual campaign fundraising software? It’s our newest peer to peer fundraising platform offering specifically to support schools. Whether you are a private or public school, our school annual fundraising software can help you with easily and efficiently conducting your annual campaigns, working with your fundraisers and donors, and managing … Read more