Audubon Society Birdathons Are As Unique As Their Chapters

Audubon Society Chapters across the United States rely on their annual Bird-a-thons for fundraising and community building.  Teams of people set out to identify as many species of bird as they can over a designated time frame.  At the same time, the teams and their members collect pledges and donations for their efforts.  The money goes to the Audubon Society Chapter.

The Bird-a-thons are seemingly as unique as the bird species themselves.  We’ve had the pleasure of hosting bird-a-thons for the Audubon Society of Portland, New Jersey Audubon, Houston Audubon, and others.  

We’ve learned is that no two bird-a-thons are alike.  Some require multiple beneficiaries, other have group registrations, and some have highly complex registration rules and prizes.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  But all of them are effective in their own way.

We’ve also learned that the nature of the event, its rules, and culture have been developed over many years and the last thing Audubon Society Chapters want to hear is they need to change their event to fit a software package.  Nor should they have to.

And frankly, no organization should have to compromise.  Find a system that can be tailored to your event needs and know that there are affordable options for a customized system.   Call us at 800-330-4109 and we can talk about what’s right for your organization and fundraising event.

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