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15 years ago, BlueSky Collaborative was founded on the belief Peer to Peer fundraising was the very best way to empower communities to drive impact and make an unprecedented change! 

That belief holds true today and our role has only expanded. We are driven by our relationships and the missions we have been so lucky to support.  The Blue Sky system that exists today is a direct result of user input and experience. From donors to executive staff, from volunteers and teachers to sponsors and committee members, we know success is a team sport.

There are many tech providers, features, percentages, but what has made Blue Sky different through the years is our commitment to collaborate with clients on a system that puts them first.

Your mission has always and will always be our mission. It’s what drives us!


Our Clients are Heroes
Our clients are the front line for leading change, driving research, generating awareness and making this world a better place. What better work is there in this world ?


Listen. Listen. Listen.
Every organization, leader, volunteer, event is unique and listening is the only way we may best serve their needs.


Success Through Collaboration
We intentionally build SWEET! to change and grow with your specific needs. Success will come through working together to adjust to changes as they come.


Platform Fees should be 0%.
Pricing based on what your organization raises has never made sense to us.  The mere idea that when you get closer to your mission success you would be penalized just doesn’t add up.  We believe in fair pricing that sets you up for success, not penalty.



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