From the "if its too good to be true it is" files, many charities depending on Give to the Max day in Minnesota were left to fend for themselves when Razoo's donation web service crashed.  

Razoo, which touts free transactions, evidently doesn't pay enough for their web hosting provider.  

We also ran into a similar issue recently with a service called Widgetbox, where we paid an unrealisticallly low $1 a month for unlimited widgets across our platforms.  Guess what?  Widgetbox is going out of business in March.

We're all guilty of it.  We're spoiled by the insanely low price points for valuable online services.  Thank you, Google.  But ultimately, the "stuff" required to host a reliable online service costs money and if you as a customer are not paying for it, then there is a great chance that it will go down or disappear altogether.

Caveat emptor.




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