Our pricing is straightforward & contains no transaction fees!

You benefit: the bigger your event grows, the more money you keep! Request A Quote

Our clients raise the most and keep the most.

We ONLY charge an annual platform fee for the features we craft your way.

We offer the best value in the industry for features received and the priced paid.

What’s SWEET!, is as you make more money the percent that you pay for software actually decreases!

Often SWEET! costs our clients less than 3% of their donations.


All organizations want to keep their expense ratios under 10%.


Giving 5+% of your dollars to a vendor makes that unlikely.


90% of your donations could be going towards your programs.


And don’t forget…

Customizable designs

– Your site promotes your brand not ours

– Let your personality shine through

Fundraising Success Dos/Don’ts

– Over a decade of experience in working with non-profits to exceed their fundraising goals

– We know what works and can help you create the perfect P2P campaign for your organization

Highest Quality Integrations

– Donor Management

– Email Communications

– E-Commerce

– More…..

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