Our straightforward pricing creates value for you

Which means the bigger your event grows, the more money you keep! Request A Demo

Our clients raise more and keep more fundraising dollars.

We ONLY charge an annual platform fee for the features we craft your way:  pricing starts at $100 / month.

What’s SWEET!, is as you raise more money the percent that you pay for software actually decreases!

Often SWEET! costs our clients less than 3% of their donations.


All organizations want to keep their expense ratios under 10%.


Industry avg. for software is 5+% of the funds you raise.


97% of your donations could be going to your programs.


And don’t forget…

Customizable designs

– Your site promotes your brand not ours

– Let your personality shine through

Fundraising Success Dos/Don’ts

– Over a decade of experience in working with non-profits to exceed their fundraising goals

– We know what works and can help you create the perfect P2P campaign for your organization

Highest Quality Integrations

– Donor Management

– Email Communications

– E-Commerce

– More…..

Interested in learning more?

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Some of the many organizations that have chosen SWEET ...

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