JJ Watt?!?! Peer to Peer Fundraiser Extraordinaire.

Houston Texans defensive end, J.J. Watt’s peer to peer fundraising campaign raised over $37 million for Hurricane Harvey relief.  Proving once again, that @JJWatt can do anything he sets his mind to…except beat the Patriots.  Sorry, that’s the Boston in me.  I couldn’t resist.

Watt’s success shows once again that celebrities can be great peer to peer fundraisers, with peers that include thousands or even millions of fans around the world.  The results are extraordinary and a reflection of his popularity and the horrific circumstances that prompted his efforts.  We are thoroughly impressed, @JJWatt.

Chances are, if a celebrity opts to raise money for your organization, they won’t raise $37 million.  Still, if a celebrity chooses to support your organization, deploying a peer to peer fundraising campaign can yield substantial fundraising results.

An example of celebrity peer to peer fundraising

One example of a celebrity peer to peer fundraising campaign is Avril Lavigne’s annual birthday campaign to benefit the Lymelight Foundation.  http://avril.lymelightfoundation.org/

For the second year in a row, Avril and her fans will attempt to raise $50,000 for the Lymelight Foundation.  Learn more about the Lymelight Foundation at https://lymelightfoundation.org/.  For most organizations a $50,000 campaign is substantial.  But like all peer to peer campaigns success depends on a variety of factors.

Keys to Success in A Celebrity Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaign

  1. Use a fundraising platform that can meet the specific needs of the celebrity and their team.  The site needs to look and act in a way that will satisfactorily represent the brand of the celebrity.  Having a flexible platform (and a happy celebrity) is a must!
  2. Offer multiple methods of payment that includes an easy to way to accept donations from outside of the US and Canada.  Celebrities have fans all over the world!
  3. Work with the celebrity’s team so they engage in promotional efforts to spread the word.  Their networks, reach, and mailing lists are massive.
  4. Offer several opportunities for visitors to share the campaign on key social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Make sure that your fundraising platform has the correct messaging on Facebook and Twitter posts
  5. The peer to peer fundraising platform must be mobile responsive and platform independent.  Donors should have no problems giving on an Iphone in San Clemente or a Hitachi in Tokyo.
  6. Make your celebrity benefactor looks good!  Spread the word about their great deeds and make sure they come back next year.

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