Everyone in nonprofit and school fundraising circles knows what a major donor is.  While organizations need major donors to spearhead their capital campaign, in uncertain times relying too heavily on a few individuals can be risky.  Peer to Peer fundraising is a great way to replace major giving losses in an uncertain economy.  Peer to Peer Fundraising also has the potential to  equal or surpass the giving power of a major donor.

We are witnessing a new era in peer to peer fundraising.  The era of the Super Fundraising Groups.  What is a Super Fundraising Group?  They go by different names – Heavy Hitters, VIPs, etc.. – but they are transforming fundraising for nonprofits and schools.  Examples include, the family of a Cancer patient who raises $80,000 a year.  A company that creates teams and raises $100,000 for a charity.  Or the great J.J. Watt (@JJWatt) and his fans who raised $14,000,000 for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Finding Super Fundraising Groups is not easy.  Neither is finding major donors.  To help you with your search for the elusive Super Fundraising Group, we’ve compiled a list of tips to assist you in identifying them.  Once you find them, your nonprofit or school needs to provide these major supporters the tools they need to help your organization achieve or exceed your fundraising goals.

1.   Identify Your Super Enthusiasts who can create Super Groups

  • Email:  Who has opened/clicked on your content the most?
  • Social Media: Who has liked/shared/retweeted your posts the most?
  • Events/Meetings: Who attends and is the most engaged?

Once you have a list of Super Enthusiasts, reach out to them through the following steps:

  1. Identify and thank them as important voices.
  2. Explain your current campaign goals and timelines.
  3. Ask them for help getting the word out & provide a suggested plan.
  4. Celebrate their efforts with them and others.

2.   Give your Super Enthusiasts some control over communications to their network

Trust your Super Enthusiasts to speak on your behalf.  Most of all empower them to represent your organization.  Provide talking points, tools, guidance and the gift of ownership.  Ownership will spark their creativity, fan their enthusiasm and cement their dedication.  Start the Super Enthusiasts out with suggested messaging.  Then let them tell their story their way.

Especially relevant in supporting your Super Enthusiasts is selecting the right software platform.  Because software can empower or limit your Super Enthusiasts.  Therefore be sure to offer them communication tools to spread their word their way.

3.   Showcase your Super Fundraising Groups in e-mails and social media.

First of all use e-mails and social media to highlight your Super Enthusiasts and Super Fundraising Groups.  Don’t blend them in to the overall communication.  Most of all make it clear to your audience you are celebrating these Super Enthusiasts and Super Fundraising Groups.  In addition give Super Enthusiasts and Super Fundraising Groups at least 50% of your communication time.

Provide Super Enthusiasts with a safe space to share their stories and passions, talk about the cause, and ask questions.  Their voice will provide you invaluable marketing talking points to support your campaign.  Overall your campaign’s call to action will be engaging when it contains real world, tangible and meaningful content.

4.  Provide Super Fundraising Groups with extra guidance and resources.

Provide at least three opportunities for Super Fundraising Groups to receive guidance and help.  This assistance should be in addition to your weekly motivation e-mails.  Some examples include:

  • Fundraising tip sheet that is downloadable or printable
  • How to fundraise step-by-step guides or how-to videos
  • Webinar or conference call to provide anecdotes & answer questions
  • Sponsors/mentors to help other fundraisers

This is a short list of ways to engage, motivate and inspire your Super Enthusiasts and Super Fundraising Groups.

Super Enthusiasts and Super Fundraising Groups Need A Super Fundraising Platform

Your Super Enthusiasts and Super Fundraising Groups can only be successful as the tools you provide.  As a result the peer to peer fundraising software you select is an important consideration in your online peer-to-peer campaign.

Be sure to choose the right peer to peer fundraising platform for you.  At a minimum an ideal platform does the following:


  • Supporters can easily create, share, and manage a personal fundraising page.
  • Branding/design will match your website so you maintain one voice in your communications.
  • Contains built-in email and social media tools to enable supporters to get the word out easily.
  • Sample email templates and social media posts
  • Has a mobile responsive design that accepts donations via a smart device


  • Allows you to lower your software expense ratio over time
  • Offers a flexible payment plan that is budget and fundraising income friendly
  • Does not charge you percentage fees on the dollars you raise

At Blue Sky Collaborative our goal is to help you maximize the benefits of online peer-to-peer fundraising to achieve your mission.  To learn more about how we can help, visit our website www.blueskycollaborative.com or call us at (p) 800-330-4109 ext. 803.



  1. SWEET! software promotes our client’s brand and vision.
  2. We craft to the needs of the client, because you are unique.
  3. We collaborate to foster an organization’s success.
  4. We do not charge transaction fees on the dollars you and your fundraisers earn.
  5. We do not handle our clients’ money.
  6. Technology user friendliness is essential to fundraising success.

Blue Sky Collaborative is a peer to peer fundraising software developer and design services firm.  Our SWEET! online peer to peer fundraising platform is ideal for any company, non-profit or school, large or small, that holds participant or pledge events:  CSR, walk-a-thons, golf-a-thons, run-a-thons, any-a-thons.  The company was founded in 2002.  

At present thousands of people use Blue Sky Collaborative’s software to support events and campaigns of all types.  Several hundred companies, non-profits and schools, in multiple languages, use Blue Sky Collaborative’s peer to peer fundraising software to raise tens of millions of dollars.

To learn more about how we can help, visit our website www.blueskycollaborative.com or call us at (p) 800-330-4109 ext. 803.

Blue Sky Collaborative has offices in Boston, MA and Southwestern CT.  

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