Nonprofit leaders that are facing uncertainty in a changing political climate should double down on their commitment to peer to peer fundraising.

There are many theories on how the change in leadership in Washington DC will impact nonprofits. Most theories don’t paint a rosy picture.  Here are some of the prevailing notions.

1. Cuts to discretionary spending will reduce government support of the nonprofit sector.
2. New tax proposals will limit incentives for charitable giving.
3. Massive tax cuts to wealthy households will diminish the value of tax deductions for charitable giving, resulting in a sharp decline in major gifts.

Scared yet?  Don’t be.  No matter who is president, friends will still help friends.  Families will continue to help each other.  Businesses will help their communities. These are some of the reasons why peer to peer fundraising works and will always work.

Peer to peer fundraising can withstand politics, zeitgeist, and is virtually recession proof.

Nonprofit executives and development directors that are thinking strategically about the next decade, should strengthen their commitment to peer to peer campaigns to mitigate the impact of policy changes.

Policies and leaders change, but the people who care for your organization will remain.  Give your donors the tools to help your organization thrive in uncertain times.

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